Escoliña do espectador with Idoia Zabaleta

From February 7 to 10 | Inscription at 40€

17h-18.30h on the day of the presentation | 16h to 18:30h, 11 and 15 | 17h to 19.30, 12,13 and 14


A learning workshop aimed at spectators who want to share the experience of accompanying the Escenas do cambio program intensively.

Idoia Zabaleta points out that a good audience watches, selects, compares, construes, suffers and decides what to do with what they have before them and how to relate it to their lives.

“In Escoliña, a good audience will share these looks, this knowledge and these flavours and imagine the theatre as a meeting place for the community, a place where one may become aware of reality and reflect together”, states Idoia Zabaleta.

Every evening, the participants will get together to attend the festival’s pieces. They will sit in front of the pieces and remain silent next to them. The following day, they will meet somewhere else and make a note of the things savoured the night before, the known ones, the unknown ones, the chosen ones, the highlighted ones, the marginalized ones…

For a time, this notebook collected during the festival will serve the participants of Escoliña to share and expand the reading of the world. “I imagine this act as something silent, warm and slow”, thus describes Idoia Zabaleta the process.


Open to anyone interested in accompanying the program of Escenas do Cambio as a part of the audience. In general, to anyone who believes that stories are larger than ideologies; and in particular, to educators, cultural mediators, students, critics, journalists, artists, technicians and emancipated audiences. Also to people interested in sports broadcasting, alphabet soups, astronomy, the art system, public health, pets and games:


30 people

Deadline for submission of applications

January 16, 2019, until 15:00 hours.