Sans Titre (2.000)

Tino Sehgal


February 16 | 19 hours


Thirteen years after its premiere, Frank Willems dances Sans titre (2000), the latest work that British-German artist Tino Sehgal created for theatre before moving his creation to visual art.

The performance seems to summarize this transition between the two forms of art. As in a dance museum, twentieth-century dance is exhibited theatrically. The choreography and his vision of the physical world are used in a new aesthetic sequence. Sehgal explains the medium of dance in a very different way and performs the different styles of the twentieth century.

However, he goes beyond narrating a dance story and opens up even more the problems of that which is spectacular today. Can we organize society in the same way that choreography is created, by constantly changing the movements, simultaneously producing and interrupting an action? How would the world be seen if the values ​​and systems of society were to issue from dance? When realizing the work again thirteen years after its premiere, new qualities arise and new prospects are offered in its performance. The piece travels through the choreographic history of the 20th century in a museum-like approach.

Born in London in 1976, Tino Sehgal studied dance and economics. He builds situations to challenge conventional relationships between audiences and art, focusing on the fleeting gestures and the social subtleties of living experience rather than material objects. An artist whose way of doing, consistent with these times of pollution and superfluous expenses, contributed to a new way of understanding art. The Kiss and Situation are now emblematic pieces of contemporary art.


Created by: Tino Sehgal
Performed by: Boris Charmatz or Frank Willens or Andrew Hardwidge
Production: Musée de la Danse / National Choreographic Center of Rennes and Brittany – directed by Boris Charmatz. Subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication (Regional Office of Cultural Arts/Brittany), the City Council of Rennes, the Regional Council of Brittany. The Institut Français regularly contributes to the international tours of the Musée de la Danse.
Coproduction: Tanz im August (Berlin), Kaaitheater, Les Spectacles vivants Centre Pompidou – Paris, La Bâtie-Geneva Festival, Bonlieu Scène Nationale Annecy.

Premiere in Spain