Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura
Escenas do cambio 2022

3—5 May 2024
Festival of theatre, dance and art in action
Gaiás, City of Culture

Xunta de Galicia

3—5 Maio 2024

Festival de teatro,
danza e arte
en acción

Xunta de Galicia

From an expanded concept of performance practices, SED seeks to delve into the written word, its drawing and tracing, as well as narrative strategies, ways of doing things and the devices and procedures for communicating it. SED uses text as a network of ideas, images and written landscapes to move them in a multidimensional space.

The piece develops as a kind of word soup where the word itself, its literal translation, determines the action. Texts drawn in a choreographic way, writings that draw words, words that move through space printed on different objects… A journey of actions that investigates the very anatomy of words and language, working between strangeness and familiarity so that the real experience of the spectator emerges. How much flexibility can a word contain?

A contextual site specific that invites the audience to experience the construction of the work alongside the artist, with no stands, no seats, no fixed points. A live exhibition montage that will be installed so that its remains, traces and clues can stimulate the imagination of those who see them and subsequently experience: the reconstruction of the facts from what is undone.

Raquel Ponce

With a degree in Art History, she trained and works as a dancer, actress and stage director in the Canary Islands and Madrid. Artist in residence at the Production Studios of the Centro de Arte La Regenta and active member and co-founder of the independent art collective El Hueco. Co-founder of the new tendencies company Perro Verde.

Performer of numerous dance, theatre and performance shows, including those with Gary Stevens (And), Xavier Le Roy (Extensions, Proyect) and Tino Sehgal, presented in different European cities.

As a creator, she has created and performed the plays La última vez de siempre, Otra estúpida película norteamericana, Artematón, Cervezas gratis, Y/O, Narcisa and Sin Título, among others.

Her exhibition projects have been shown at the Gabinete Literario, the Laboratorio B9 at the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (CAAM), the Instituto Cervantes in Berlin, the Cuerpo a Cuerpo performance festival at the Centro de Arte La Regenta, the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Film Festival, the Casa de los Coroneles in Fuerteventura, the Tragaluz Digital at the Sala de Arte Contemporáneo in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Cinemadamare Festival in Italy, the Dakar Art Biennial, the Festival a ras de suelo, the Área 60 at Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, aimed at emerging artists and coordinated by Ángeles Alemán.

Data sheet

Canarias | 60 min | 9 €

Concept and artistic direction: Raquel Ponce
Production assistant: Raquel Rodríguez

Language: Spanish

The installation resulto of the performance can be visited for free in the Eisenman Room, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. during the days of the festival

Galician Premiere

A visual and sonic tribute to the ten years of Escenas do cambio that takes to the streets to meet the festival’s audience again and share its story to anyone who crosses its path. The duo Yuraq Walla x Emilio Horyaans build inside the Salón Teatro de Compostela a multi-sensorial experience that celebrates the past while at the same time attracting the attention of a younger audience, called to participate in the constant renovation and updating of the Galician cultural scene.

Please note: The show has been moved inside the Salón Teatro due to the forecast of rain on Saturday 4th May.

Guillermo Cavero Emilio (Pamper/Yuraq Walla)

Guillermo Cavero is a Peruvian graphic designer, promoter and DJ who has been based in Santiago de Compostela for more than 15 years. In addition to being the founder of Bombo a Negras, a collective dedicated to the production of events and focused on the creation and dissemination of electronic and urban music spaces, he is co-founder of the promoter La Melona, a cultural association aimed at disseminating musical and artistic events in Santiago de Compostela, such as Melonafest, Melonaclub and Portas do Camiño Portas da Cultura.

Emilio Horyaans (Paspi)

Emilio Horyaans, from Vigo, works in the fields of video, photography and graphic design, facets that are linked to his activity as a producer and DJ of electronic music (PV3000).

With a marked experimental and expressive approach, he shows a particular interest in exploring abstraction through sound and moving image. His aim is to connect these art forms so that they interact with other disciplines.

Rebaño sinfónico (Symphonic Flock) is an open-air show that invites the audience to graze with Moon Ribas (cyborg artist) and Quim Girón (acrobat), performers of the piece. Each person in the audience carries a loudspeaker as if it were an electronic cowbell, so that the sound of the show is in constant movement thanks to the walking of the spectators. Together, the audience and the artists form and deform choreographies in each scene. Joan Cot, musician and soul of this orchestra, manipulates the whole sound universe created. Rebaño sinfónico is a medium, a people, an instrument, a ceremony… that invokes the gregarious sense and the animal instinct within the human being.

  • Tickets for Saturday 4th May. NEW MEETING POINT: Sala Eisenman entrance.
  • Tickets for Sunday 5th May. Meeting point: Praza de San Martiño. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The itinerary initially planned for the streets of Santiago de Compostela has been moved to the Cidade da Cultura. New meeting point: Sala Eisenman. It is recommended to use Parking 1 or 2 for quicker access.


Please note:

  • The performance will not be cancelled unless weather conditions make the show impossible. In case of rain, we recommend bringing an umbrella and/or raincoat.
  • The participants in the Rebaño sinfónico accept the recording and dissemination of their image through paper or digital media, as well as through the different social networks, for the purpose of disseminating and publicising the show within the framework of the festival.

Moon Ribas and Quim Girón

Moon Ribas and Quim Girón’s collaboration began in 2019 with the motivation to mix performing arts with cybernetics. This common ground led them to create projects such as Fenomen (2021) or Sentit de l’embaràs (2022), which allowed Quim to be “digitally pregnant” and connected to his son’s embryo during Moon’s pregnancy. From this project they made two performative interventions, one at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington and the other as part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2022 programme in Mataró.

Moon Ribas (Mataró, 1985). – Cyborg artist and choreographer. For almost seven years she wore implants in her feet that allowed her to sense the earth’s seismic movements in real time through vibrations in her body. Her work is based on investigating movement in a deeper way through the use of technology, and exploring the limits of her body, her identity and art. Her way of expressing this new perception is to make the Earth the choreographer and composer of her pieces. In 2010 she co-founded the Cyborg Foundation.

Quim Girón (Barcelona, 1985). – Founder and artistic director of the company Animal Religion (2012), focused on the research of new languages within contemporary circus. The company has won several awards, including the Premio Especial Ciutat de Barcelona for the show Sifonòro in 2016. Graduated in DOCH from the Stockholm University of Dance and Circus, where he received the Sophie Hulten scholarship for his creativity, risk-taking and skill as a circus performer.

Data sheet

Catalonia | 55 min | 9 €

Authors and performers: Moon Ribas and Quim Girón
Music: Joan Cot
Costumes: Adriana Parra
Sound engineer: Jose Luis Salmerón
Co-producers: Hiera Mediterránea de Manresa, Sismograf Olot and support for the creation of Hiera de Tàrrega
Production: Animal Religion with the support of the Departament de Cultura and the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals and Bo Festival
Administrative production: Elclimamola
Residence: Fira Tàrrega, Roca Umbert, Taula de Cultura Sant Esteve de Palautordera, La Sala Sabadell
Acknowledgements: Sergi Roca, Irene Vicente, Flavia Camatcho, Alfons (shepherd)

Language: Spanish

Galician Premiere

Prusik is the name of a gripping and locking knot. A friction binding with the characteristic that it releases when pressure is released. A knot of salvation.

We use the metaphor of the Prusik knot to represent the universe of a community.

In search of new parameters, the tribe is self-destining with the proposal of a new humanity. In order not to build the same again and from the courage to create something new in relation to bonds, to desire, to the longing to be free, to the original nature of being; to the nakedness of oneself, to emotion, to work, to the family, to the planet… To recover the innocence of becoming, to play again in peace and rediscover the identity that precedes separation.

It is urgent and necessary to storm Eden and take it back.

The company La intrusa brings together in Prusik a network of performers from the Basque Country and Galicia. A meeting of 9 women who vindicate the urgency of recovering tenderness.

La intrusa

Company created in 1996 by Damián Muñoz and Virginia García that combines the production of its own stage and audiovisual works with choreographic commissions, theatrical collaborations and works for television and advertising. It has presented its choreographies in more than 30 countries and maintains its outstanding teaching in prestigious schools and choreographic centres all over the world.

In 2015 it received the National Dance Award from the Ministry of Culture. Authors of poetic shows with a strong visual and emotional impact, with an intimate tone that easily connects with the public, among the latest creations are Mud Gallery. Animales de hermosa piel (2015) or It’s a Wrap. Kubrick is dead (2020). They work with reflections, symbols and metaphors that they turn into movement on stage, whilst relying on sounds and words.

Data sheet

Basque Country | 65 min | 9 €

Direction: Virginia García, Damián Muñoz
Production: Damián Muñoz
Technical manager: Javi Ulla
Cast: Virginia García, Carmen Fumero, Claudia Gómez, Olaia Valle, Paola Reyes, Clara Ferrao, Marcia Vázquez, Ana Beatriz Pérez, Raquel Ferradás

Language: Spanish

Access point: Literary Garden of the City of Culture

Galician Premiere

— Ecce Corpus, então. Mas qual corpo — este ou o outro?
— Este é o outro.

Língua Bífida is the result of a challenge, one that artist António Gonçalves issued to writer Pedro Eiras while he himself was revisiting his work Ecce Corpus, a performance conducted in 1999 which takes on a new form through the installation Body that becomes an image in this edition of Escenas do cambio.

The intention of the book is to analyse the performance as a genre, the use of bodies within it, and the recording of images as a memory of the actions. Structured as a dialogue, the essay revolves around the performance carried out by António Gonçalves as well as the images and core artists he employed at the time, considered iconic today.

In this presentation of Língua Bífida, artist and author also engage in a dialogue that opens up reflection on the importance of performance in the field of artistic creation, on bodies, acts, and memory.

Pedro Eiras

Pedro Eiras is a professor of Portuguese Literature at the University of Porto and a researcher at the Margarida Losa Institute for Comparative Literature, where he coordinates the research line on Intermedialities.

Since 2005, he has published several essay books on Portuguese literature from the 20th and 21st centuries, focused in inter-artistic and ethical questions. In 2021, he published Língua Bífida. Un ensaio sobre Ecce Corpus, performance de António Gonçalves, edited by Documenta. Currently, he is conducting a research on the representation and imagery of the end of the world. He is also the author of poetry, fiction, theatre, and other genres that are more difficult to classify.

Data sheet

Free entry until full capacity

Language: Portuguese

Within the framework of the European project Phōnē (Giving minority languages a voice) and in collaboration with the Centro Dramático Galego, Escenas do cambio 2024 hosts the International Night Galicia, a special event that will showcase some of the shows being produced by each of the member countries of this network of theatres that seek to safeguard and promote cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe. A small sample of contemporary European drama in minority languages to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Centro Dramático Galego.

Artists from three national theatres in Romania (Teatrul Evreiesc), South Tyrol (Stadttheater Bruneck, Italy) and Ireland (Fibin – An Taibhdhearc), as well as the artistic director Andrei Munteanu, the director Darach Ó Tuairisg and the actress Lisa Maurer, are taking part in the International Night Galicia. An evening where we will be able to see and hear on stage three minority and minoritised languages in Europe: Yiddish, Ladin and Irish.

Phōnē connects people belonging to a linguistic minority with European values across cultural and language borders. A collaboration that opens new paths for the regional and minority language theatre sector and improves its position on a national and international level.

Please note: The show has been moved inside the Salón Teatro due to the forecast of rain on Saturday 4th May. Admission is free until full capacity is reached.

Data sheet

Tirol do Sur, Romanía e Irlanda | 60 min | De balde

Stadttheater Bruneck (South Tyrol – Ladin)
Cast: Sabrina Fraternali, Mirko Costa, Lisa Maurer
Direction and drama team: María Craffonara, Christine Lasta, Viktoria Obermarzoner

Teatrul Evreiesc (Romania – Yiddish)
Cast: Andrei Miercure, Mihai Alexandru Muriaru, Mihai Pintenaru
Direction and drama team:: Andrei Munteanu

Fibin – An Taibhdhearc (Ireland – Irish)
Cast: Darach Ó Tuairisg
Direction and drama team: Philip Doherty, Darach Ó Tuairisg

Languages: Galician, Yiddish, Ladin and Irish

world Premiere

My Neighbor Sky is a project of continuous creation and site specific between Oguri, a Japanese dancer based in Los Angeles (USA) and Andrés Corchero, a dancer from La Mancha who lives in Catalonia. The two met in Japan in 1986 and were members of the company Madre Juku, directed by Min Tanaka.

In Japan, as they danced and worked, Corchero and Oguri watched and shared the same sky. Afterwards, they went their separate ways, each to live their own lives, and they continued to work and dance under different skies. Almost thirty years later they met again in Barcelona and danced improvisedly in the streets of the Gràcia neighbourhood. As if no time has passed, they are inspired by each other’s body and dance, and, even though they are separated in space, their shadows seem to dance together. The connection is so strong that it makes you think that maybe they were sharing the same sky all those years, despite the distance.

My Neighbour Sky relives each new encounter between Corchero and Oguri, influenced by the experiences of the past, but also by the stimuli and inspiration of each physical space where it is performed. In Escenas do Cambio, the Theatre Garden and the installation Espellos, by Manolo Paz, in the Galician Forest, will be the settings for these new, ever-changing encounters under the same sky.

Please note: Due to the forecast of rain during the weekend, the two performances of «My neighbour sky» will take place under the arcades between the Sala Eisenman and the Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship. Meeting point: REGA 1 (next to the Gaiás Centre Museum).

Andrés Corchero

Dancer and choreographer born in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) and resident in Catalonia. A tireless explorer of the languages of the body and dance, he studies theatre, circus, contemporary mime and clowning. In 1985 he became acquainted with Butoh dance and decided to move to Tokyo, where he studied and worked with Min Tanaka and Kazuoh Ohno. He joined Tanaka’s company Madre-Juku, with which he tours Japan, Europe and the United States. He began his career as a choreographer in Barcelona with the show A un poeta futuro, the first of many collaborations with the poet and translator Feliu Formosa. He received, among others, the National Dance Prize of Catalonia in 2003 and the Al pas de la tarda 92 Prize from Radio Nacional de España.
Throughout his career, Corchero has collaborated with artists from various disciplines, such as the plastic artist Jordi Rocosa, the singer Silvia Pérez Cruz, the musician Ivo Sanos, the actors and directors Pep Ramis, Enric Ases and Piero Steiner, the pianist Agustí Fernández and the musician Joan Saura, among others. From 1993 to 2012 he directed the prestigious company Raravis with Rosa Muñoz.

From his reunion with Oguri came the ongoing creative project My Neighbour Sky (2012), as well as Return to Absence (2014), inspired by Samuel Beckett’s trilogy, the duo 451 (2020) and Body as Evidence (2022), both in honour of Ray Bradbury.

In the field of training, he continues the pedagogical work and dissemination of Body Weather that he started more than 30 years ago and gives regular classes and intensive workshops all over the world. Since 1998 he has been teaching at the Escola Superior d’Art Dramàtic and at the Conservatori Superior de Dansa del Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.


Dancer and choreographer born in Gifu Prefecture (Japan) and based in California (USA), where he formed Body Weather Laboratory in Los Angeles with Roxanne Steinberg. For over 30 years, Oguri has been teaching and creating and producing dance and multimedia works that incorporate his large-scale sculptural installations in formal theatres and unconventional site-specific spaces around the world. Today, he continues to investigate the relationship between dance and the environment and the boundaries between performer and audience.
He develops projects in collaboration with musicians, sculptors, painters and poets, using literature, images from everyday life and simple materials to transform space and time with dance. He also plays a very active role in bringing dance to the general public.

In 2011 he formed the ARCANE Collective with Morleigh Steinberg, touring full productions and live shows. He has received numerous grants and awards in the United States, both regionally, nationally and internationally, including the 2018 United States Artist Doris Duke Fellowship.

Data sheet

Spain and Japan | 45 min | Free

Concept, choreography, and dance: Oguri and Andrés Corchero
Stage setting assistant: Ana Pérez
Management: Andreu Banús, Binomi Projectes Culturals
Production: Oguri, Andrés Corchero

Galician Premiere

Millo Vello is a performative piece where bodies and objects dialogue with live music.

It is an exercise in a continuous attempt to return to ancestral, primitive wisdom, while embracing what is part of our current reality and context.

Accept and build with what we have within our reach, without losing sight of what roots and sustains us. Paying homage to time and to the past, whilst embracing the speed of today. Welcoming the present in this coexistence that may appear antagonistic but is ultimately not. Being able to weave with care to build our safe place.

In reality, this piece is a love letter to ourselves and to all those people who may feel appealed to in the search for that peaceful place to dwell.

We make use of the search from the subconscious and dreams, creating visual landscapes that invite quiet observation, to enter into the time of the tree. In this way, the delight of witnessing something that, like nature, is gradually taking shape.

Ay, Cariño!

Ay, Cariño! is a newly created company of Galician origin that since 2023 has been the home of the joint creative work of Cris Vilariño and Diego M. Buceta after an extensive individual career.

Cris Vilariño carries out numerous projects as a creator and performer(Cyan, MUUM, Liminal, Haiku, Todas as cartas de amor son ridículas, PINDO) and since 2017 she has been collaborating with the company Licenciada Sotelo. She combines her artistic work with her teaching career, giving intensive body weather trainings and laboratories of movement, improvisation and body awareness.

Diego M. Buceta works as a performer for companies and creators such as Lucía Marote, Aitana Cordero, Voadora, La Coja Dansa, Equilibrio Dinámico or A Friend in the Orchid Room, and has signed solo works (As vacacións máis longas) as well as with the company Pálido Domingo (Non hai que ser unha casa para ter pantasmas, Pentecostés and Serva me servabo te).

Rafa Mallo is a drummer with more than 15 years’ experience. He has participated in different projects, has recorded several albums, as well as collaborations with various artists and has performed more than 500 concerts. One of his main projects is as a drummer for the band Triángulo de Amor Bizarro.

Data sheet

Galicia | 70 min | 9 €

Direction: Ay, Cariño!
Performers: Cris Vilariño, Diego M. Buceta, Rafa Mallo
Live music and sound space: Rafa Mallo
Lighting: Laura Iturralde

Language: Galician

Co-production: Xunta de Galicia | Agadic

This Manifesto is a poetic look at space and artistic thought, at the different forms of artistic expression that have made possible and continue to make possible the development of the Escenas do Cambio festival. It is also a call to taking risks, to desire as a tool of expression from the deepest depths, and to encourage us to dream and transform our immediate environment through poetry.

*Admission with the ticket to the show Calidoscopio by Gallaecia Ensemble Barroco

Mateo Feijóo

He was director of the Festival Escena Contemporánea de la Comunidad de Madrid. Director of the La Laboral Theatre, a project within the framework of the City of Culture of Gijón. Advisor to different festivals and venues at national and international level. He launched the Naves Matadero – Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas project, which was completed in March 2020.

As an exhibition curator, he has worked in museums and galleries around the world with artists such as Marina Abramovic, Elena del Rivero, Cristina Rodrigues… As an artistic director and choreographer he has worked both individually and in collaboration with other creators.

His artistic activity was always accompanied by work closely linked to thought and teaching. He currently teaches the Master’s Degree in Theatre Creation at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and is the artistic director of the Flipas – Laboratorio de culturas urbanas project, which was created at Naves Matadero with the support of the Alliance Française and the Goethe Institut.

Data sheet

Galicia | 15 min

Author: Mateo Feijóo
Support: Francisco Nogueiras, Torre Branca Productions
Language: Galician

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is a show that wanders between memory and premonition. A contemporary dance solo that revolves around (in)communication and the emotional scars that human beings inevitably accumulate over time. An inventory of reflections on the human condition and its intricate relationship with the forces that govern our existence. A search for meaning, presented from an intimate, feminine perspective.

On stage, a fragmented narrative unfolds as the space is transformed into a scenographic installation. Through action, universal themes such as love, pain, hope and the desire to explore the world and share experience are addressed. Gradually, Laura Aris immerses us in a magical game with subtle humour, transporting us into a galaxy which, although quite its own, remains accessible.

This stage proposal is a warm invitation to walk together through a personal gaze that, despite everything, tickles the collective imagination.

Laura Aris

Laura Aris is a performer, choreographer and internationally renowned teacher. Her professional experience includes a decade as a dancer in the Belgian company Ultima Vez directed by Wim Vandekeybus. Since 2009, she has been working as an independent artist developing her own creative practices.

She has directed numerous creations for international festivals and institutions, including Surprised By Joy (2009, for Taller Nacional de Danza El Barco, Costa Rica); El Buit (2010, produced by Centro de las Artes de San Luís Potosí, Mexico); Under the Eyelids (2011) and Geometry of Breath (2022) for ZPA (Zagreb Dance Company) in Croatia; Cualquier Mañana (2014, with Spanish dancer Álvaro Esteban); Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (2017); One Day Three Autumns (2018, for MAPDANCE, UK); El Aliento de Las Estrellas habita mi Cuerpo (2020), a research laboratory for the dancers of La Faktoria, a choreographic centre in Pamplona.

She has combined her artistic practice with a recognised pedagogical work in the field of international contemporary dance since 2001 and has a great interest in the development of a fluid and permanent dialogue between contemporary dance and other disciplines.

Data sheet

Belgium | 55 min | 9 €

Creation and interpretation: Laura Aris Álvarez
Original music: Roger Marín
Costume advice and transformations: Amber De Sagaer
Lighting design: Alban Rouge
Dramaturgical accompaniment: Muriel Hérault
Co-produced by: Sismògraf Dance Festival, Theatre Roxy (Switzerland) and Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Language: Spanish

Spain Premiere