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3—5 May 2024
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Gaiás, City of Culture

Xunta de Galicia

3—5 Maio 2024

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Xunta de Galicia


Gallaecia Ensemble Barroco

Friday 3 May 9.15 p.m.
City of Culture | Gaiás Centre Museum, Room 1

Gallaecia Ensemble Barroco presents Calidoscopio, an unprecedented version of Terry Riley’s minimalist score, In C (1964). Under the direction of violinist María José Pámpano, the group offers the audience the chance to experience listening through movement to an iconic piece in the history of Western music.

Sixty years after its creation, In C continues to be a unique and enriching musical experience for performers and audiences alike. The score consists of 52 repeating musical phrases, listed in chronological order. Any number of players can play the piece on any instrument they desire, as long as they move through the score as an ensemble. The result is interwoven rhythmic patterns, textures and harmony that are never the same, no matter how many times the piece is performed.

Like a kaleidoscope of sound, In C is a piece that takes fragments and weaves them together from vivacity, spontaneity and chance, creating a whole that is much more than the sum of its parts.

The particular interpretation on historical instruments performed by Gallaecia Ensemble Barroco offers us the chance to discover new sensorial, sonic and visual stimuli in a version in which the audience has the freedom of movement to become part of this creative universe woven in apparent chaos. A concert in which listening is a matter of perspective.

Gallaecia Ensemble Barroco

Gallaecia Ensemble Barroco is a musical project that seeks to blur the margins between ancient music and the most contemporary creation, combining the music of the past with that of the present in a dialogue in which other artistic disciplines, such as painting, poetry and the visual arts, also come into play.

With its interpretations, based on historicist criteria and on antique instruments, the group tries to explore its sonic possibilities to the limit. In doing so, within its repertoire we can find both music of the 19th century and of the 20th century alongside new compositions, proving itself to be a pioneering ensemble in Galicia in this type of performance with historical instruments.

Created under the direction of the Galician violinist María José Pámpano, Gallaecia Ensemble Barroco performed in November 2021 at the Cidade da Cultura with the show Oh, Rosas Vivas! , a multidisciplinary project in which a select cast of Galician musicians, together with the renowned artists Laura Iturralde, Yoseba Murazabal and María Lado, paid tribute to some of the best women composers in the history of Western music.

With their clear artistic direction, the group offers a totally renewed vision of the classical concert concept with projects that combine musical tradition with avant-garde artistic creation. A creative universe that is committed to local and emerging talent, capable of breaking with stereotypes and clichés in the search for new audiences for this old-new music.

Data sheet

Galicia | 45 min | 9 €

Ana Pazos: cornet and natural trumpet
Jorge Fuentes: natural horn
Pablo Dopazo: serpent
Carmen Ferreiro: transverse flute
David Garrido: baroque oboe
Paulo Gonçalves: recorder, bagpipes and baroque hurdy-gurdy
Marta López: piano
Fernando Santiago: cello
Saúl Puga: double bass
Rubén Abad: baroque guitar
Elena Vázquez: violin
María José Pámpano: violin and artistic direction

Lighting design: Denise Freire de Armas
Sound space design: Adrián Blanco JUAIT

Premiere project