Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura
Escenas do cambio 2022

4–6 May 2023
Festival de teatro, danza e arte en acción
Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura

Xunta de Galicia




Xunta de Galicia

Closing concert for the festival


Saturday 6 May 21.30h
City of Culture | Gaiás Centre Museum, Room 1

The duo Sons-Nús, comprising the jazz bassist Baldo Martínez and the singer Maite Dono, expand their range of research with a parallel formation in 5/4 time: CatroNubes. Two musicians, Ton Risco (percussion and vibraphone) and Xosé Miguélez (saxophones and flute), and the socio-visual artist Anto Lloveras, open this new line for the duo, which will make its debut at Cidade da Cultura to close the ninth edition of Escenas do cambio. They will explore previous numbers by the duo which emerged around the figure of the Courel poet Uxío Novoneyra, recreated for this new project, while also presenting new pieces which will be the nucleus of their new work, already named Pan de Neve: jazz, tradition, sound/visual experimentation, and poetry will be the research tools for this quartet making its debut in Santiago de Compostela.



The duo formed in 2010 to create a minimalist work around poetry and music. Taking their name from this first creation —Sons-Nús— Maite Dono annd Baldo Martínez continue investigating, always starting with creative nudity, based on jazz, folclore, and free improvisation.

Double bass and voice in a simple amalgam, they look for a path based on listening carefully to nature and words; the echoes poets leave reverberating in the air; the music hidden among the folds of everyday life and silence. Versatility and non-definition would be applicable concepts.

Sons-Nús became what could be called a duo of artistic pilgrimage, open to gathering and investigation; without a pre-set route, but sure that the journey goes via attentive observation and respect for small things.

This new project which is presented for the first time in Escenas do cambio began based on previous work, their poetic and spiritual accompaniment of the poet Uxío Novoneyra, together with the ancestral voices of traditional Galician song. This starting point leads to new places, but never forgetting where they came from. The idea is to stop at each place on the way, taking their time, gradually assimilating everything the journey can offer them.

This is the new route Sons-Nús is taking up with enthusiasm.

Data sheet

Galicia | 75 min | € 9

Voice: Maite Dono
Double bass: Baldo Martínez
Saxophone: Xosé Miguélez
Vibraphone: Ton Risco
Art: Anto Lloveras

World premiere Premiere