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Escenas do cambio 2022

4–6 May 2023
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Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura

Xunta de Galicia




Xunta de Galicia

FRÁXIL handle with care


Friday 5 May 21.30h
Salón Teatro, Santiago de Compostela

The fragility of movement, what one passes by, what one flees from, the fleeting conversations which take us, seeking something, from one place to another; accepting rootlessness and owning the desire to display a twisted wisdom, obliquely illuminated.

In our typical way of thinking with the gut, we recognise “what cannot be said and can only be shown” without the need to ask if it is true or really happened.

Those who talk of the utopia of escape know that there is nowhere to go. It has become global, and is no longer an exclusively European privilege; history is no longer written in Europe.

The house of Europe. So what house is it moving to? With what pockets? We are still trapped in chronological time, the time of history, constantly projecting us into the future, but loaded with all the weight of our past, fallen into ruin but very well conserved and archived.

Given the fragility of the ruins, we imagine a Europe washed, or washed away, by rain, and swept clean of Eurocentrism. A porous Europe, which can be observed, constructed, lived in from other perspectives, also with its own eyes, our eyes.

Perhaps the rainwater will make us more flexible. Perhaps it will let us recover the ingenuity we need to set another place at the table.

Ana Vallés


Matarile Teatro

Its artistic directors, Ana Vallés and Baltasar Patiño, founded the company in 1986 in Santiago de Compostela, where they also run exhibition spaces for contemporary creation. In 1993 they created Teatro Galán, a space for presenting and disseminating contemporary theatre and dance in Galicia, which they managed until 2008. From 1993 to 2005 Teatro Galán was used both for creation and for performance, and hosted over 1,300 shows. In its last three years of life it was used only for creation and for artists in residence.

From 1995 to 2007 they led the En pé de Pedra International Dance Festival in urban spaces. In 2017 they created a non-permanent independent exhibition space, Sala Montiel. They have staged over 30 shows, countless performances and pieces without specific formats, winning the company over twenty awards and mentions in different parts of Spain and Europe.

Shows by Matarile and Ana Vallés have been presented in Boston, Belgrade, Paris, Novi Sad, Oporto, Leipzig, Bologna, Dresden, Edinburgh, Almada, Bayonne, Bucharest, Rennes, Dinan, Douarnenez, Lanester, Brazilia, Tavira, Warsaw, Viana do Castelo, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara.

Data sheet

Galicia | 90 min | € 9
Languages: Galician and Spanish

Cast: Pau Cólera, Antón Coucheiro, Claudia Faci, Celeste González, Alfredo Pérez
Text: Ana Vallés
Other texts: Outros textos: Mircea Cartarescu, George Steiner, María Zambrano, Pau Cólera, Antón Coucheiro, Claudia Faci, Celeste González, Alfredo Pérez
Lighting: Miguel Muñoz
Space: Miguel Muñoz, Ana Vallés, Rubén Vilanova
Choreography: The performers and Ana Vallés
Sound: Matarile
Sound editing: Xacobo Castro
Photography and video: Rubén Vilanova
Graphic design: Diego Blanco
Costumes: Matarile
Assistant directors: Daniel Baamonde and Nuria Sotelo
Assisted by: Enrique Gavilán, Javier Méndez Oro, Isabel Iglesias, Pablo Sánchez and Jacobo Bugarín
Production and coordination for Matarile: Laura Sánchez
Production assistant: Marcos Vieitez
Distribution: Laura Sánchez
Coproduction: Teatro Español, Centro Dramático Galego and Matarile
In partnership with Festival Escenas do cambio, Fundación Cidade da Cultura, A Casa Vella and Talía Teatro

World premiere Premiere