A horizontal line projected on a screen begins to tremble. Suddenly the line multiplies drastically as its immanent energy is discharged. In the same way, when Umeda trembles on the stage, the hidden energy contained in his body is transmitted from the pelvis to his spine, his arms, and finally to the screen, in which the energy is visualized by curved lines reminiscent of the solar corona.

When waterfalls and rivers are seen from afar, they seem to have static forms; however, when you zoom in on the these objects at the microscopic level you can see that they are formed by incessant movements such as waves, vortices and counter-currents.

In Intensional Particle, Umeda uses this creative concept to reinterpret the particles in space as non-static molecules, rather as “active particles (or points of mass)”; and he visualizes the “intensional force” in space which the particles hide. The transitional forms of the different particles that make up images of dissolving solids, sublimation of liquids and algorithms of temperature and colour transfer, synchronise and synthesise with the movements of Hiroaki, producing an entire universe that dances like a living organism. The residual heat that boils over low flame after the experience of an information overload like this will remain in the bodies of spectators for a long time.

Data sheet

Duration: 30’ Dance
Adaptation of a piece via videoconference in real time from Tokyo.

Data sheet:
Choreographer and dancer: Hiroaki Umeda Image director: S20
Image search: Ludovic Burczykowski Programming: Shoya Dozono
Video edition: Guillaume Gravier Sound design and lighting: S20 Production: S20
Co-production Le Manège – Scène Nationale, le manège. mons, la Gare Numérique – Jeumont, la Maison des Arts de Créteil, Stereolux – Nantes ( FR), Mapping Festival-Geneva( CH)


Spanish premiere
Intensional Particle T20May, 7pm Cidade da Cultura. CINC Auditorium 1