Programa Escenas do Cambio 2020

Human relations are the key points of resistance. A number of works by Eszter Salamon are focused on feminine subjectivities, feminist genealogies and multi-generational relations. M/others explores the mother-daughter relationship. Forms of action, feeling and perception open up an inter-subjective time, giving rise to a unique space with traces and states of union.

This is the second time that Eszter Salamon has asked her mother to act with her. The duo with her mother generates empathy, care and compassion. Through sensual attention, it experiments with a poetic fabric of oscillating meaning. This relationship and constant configuration of mingling bodies becomes a process of unmaking-remaking identity, creating a moment of co-emergence: being and existing with, and in the presence of space-time beyond identity.

Eszter Salamon plans to develop M/others with other pairs of mothers and daughters.


Ficha artística

Concept and artistic director: Eszter Salamon
Choreography and performance: Erzsébet Gyarmati and Eszter Salamon
Stage design: Sylvie Garot and Eszter Salamon
Lighting: Sylvie Garot


Premier in Spain