Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura
Escenas do cambio 2022

4–6 May 2023
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Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura

Xunta de Galicia




Xunta de Galicia

One night at the golden bar

Alberto Cortés

Friday 5 May 19.30h
City of Culture | Gaiás Centre Museum, Room 1

ONE NIGHT AT THE GOLDEN BAR is a corny, musical declaration of love from a queer viewpoint; the search for a state of vulnerability which reveals the power of affection and the beauty hidden in fragility. From the imaginary of the heavenly figure of the angel, it runs through a sea of questions: what kind of masculinity governs us, what identities are in a vulnerable and monstrous place at the same time, how to sing to love out of time, love which is infinite, politically incorrect, rebellious, sacrificed. How can we protect these bodies and identities when they shout out in public how it feels to love; it may be that this is the moment to fight back. There is a strength in all very fragile things; as Rilke said, “all angels are terrible”, and as Ana Torroja sings in La fuerza del destino: “one night in the golden bar I decided to attack”. This is the attack of the golden bar, a hijacking.


Alberto Cortés

Alberto Cortés (Málaga, 1983) is a stage director, playwright and performer of his own drifts. He graduated in Stage Direction and Dramaturgy at the ESAD in Malaga and Art History at the UMA. In 2009 he began his stage career with a bastard and peripheral dramaturgy that has been going wild over time. Since then, he has been bumping into various creators and friends who have been an inspiration for his own path, creating pieces of different formats and disciplines in an effort to maintain his hope in the intangible and the human. His work has developed over the years through theatre, dance, performance, folklore, flamenco and site-specifics; He accompanies the processes of other creators through direction and dramaturgy and gives meeting workshops where he shares his research. Lately, his work has focused on understanding the stage as a space of desire and on the romantic relationship with the spectator. Last year he published Los montes son tuyos (Continta me tienes, 2022), which brings together the texts of his last two plays, El Ardor and One night at the golden bar. Today he inhabits his identity as a creator, performer, director, playwright, accompanist, teacher, son, brother, uncle, lover, and friend.

Data sheet

Andalusia | 55 min | € 9
Language: Spanish

Concept, dramaturgy, texts and performance: Alberto Cortés
Music and soundscape: César Barco Manrique
Lighting: Benito Jiménez
Costumes: Gloria Trenado
Movement coach: María Cabeza de Vaca
Staging assistance: Víctor Colmenero
Photography and video: Alejandra Amere

In partnership with Teatro Calderón de Valladolid, Junta de Andalucía (Residencias Ágora), Conde Duque, Graners de Creació
Thanks: La Poderosa, Labo XL, Rebeca, Iver, Claudia, Mariquiña, Esther and Peru

Galician premiere Premiere