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Escenas do cambio 2022

3—5 May 2024
Festival of theatre, dance and art in action
Gaiás, City of Culture

Xunta de Galicia

3—5 Maio 2024

Festival de teatro,
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Xunta de Galicia


La intrusa

Sunday 5 May 9 p.m.
City of Culture, Services gallery

Prusik is the name of a gripping and locking knot. A friction binding with the characteristic that it releases when pressure is released. A knot of salvation.

We use the metaphor of the Prusik knot to represent the universe of a community.

In search of new parameters, the tribe is self-destining with the proposal of a new humanity. In order not to build the same again and from the courage to create something new in relation to bonds, to desire, to the longing to be free, to the original nature of being; to the nakedness of oneself, to emotion, to work, to the family, to the planet… To recover the innocence of becoming, to play again in peace and rediscover the identity that precedes separation.

It is urgent and necessary to storm Eden and take it back.

The company La intrusa brings together in Prusik a network of performers from the Basque Country and Galicia. A meeting of 9 women who vindicate the urgency of recovering tenderness.

La intrusa

Company created in 1996 by Damián Muñoz and Virginia García that combines the production of its own stage and audiovisual works with choreographic commissions, theatrical collaborations and works for television and advertising. It has presented its choreographies in more than 30 countries and maintains its outstanding teaching in prestigious schools and choreographic centres all over the world.

In 2015 it received the National Dance Award from the Ministry of Culture. Authors of poetic shows with a strong visual and emotional impact, with an intimate tone that easily connects with the public, among the latest creations are Mud Gallery. Animales de hermosa piel (2015) or It’s a Wrap. Kubrick is dead (2020). They work with reflections, symbols and metaphors that they turn into movement on stage, whilst relying on sounds and words.

Data sheet

Basque Country | 65 min | 9 €

Direction: Virginia García, Damián Muñoz
Production: Damián Muñoz
Technical manager: Javi Ulla
Cast: Virginia García, Carmen Fumero, Claudia Gómez, Olaia Valle, Paola Reyes, Clara Ferrao, Marcia Vázquez, Ana Beatriz Pérez, Raquel Ferradás

Language: Spanish

Access point: Literary Garden of the City of Culture

Galician Premiere