My father disappeared on the night of 1.12.1990 . It was as if he had fallen through a hole and his body had been diluted in a vortex. The last time I saw him was leaving the La Luna dance hall. This is my wound on a silver platter.

Marta Pazos works with the points at which of some of the events of her intimacy interact: those in which there is a change of direction, an extraordinary meeting that changes the linear nature of her history and takes her in another direction. Often this path is a spiral. In this piece the artist joins her past and her present in a circle through the two men who were with her during these periods: Her father (a drummer who disappeared thirty years ago in strange circumstances) and her husband (a loving artist with whom she had two sons and created a good life together). It is a meeting between the world of the visible and the world of the invisible. In fact, it is a work that invokes the extraordinary.


Voadora has been applying the means for making the impossible come true since 2007. With a team of artists from a variety of disciplines (art, music, cinema and the stage) headed by Marta Pazos, the company has overcome the problems of periphery by turning them into virtues. It appears to be in a permanent state of growth, always aligned with a constant search for new horizons that has allowed them move through all the planes of contemporary creation without ever losing their senses.

Voadora has worked both in Spain and abroad in limited and giant formats, collective productions of a social nature, contemporary adaptations of classical texts, new musical theatre productions… and many other incursions into genres that have always left their mark.

Their surprisingly solid career is based on a firm commitment to the everyday at any time, and a rigorous demand and extreme love of art. It is an ethical vision of theatrical work, far removed from cynicism; its echoes can be heard both on stage and beyond. But perhaps the most notable in this case is not the mark that the company has left with these pieces, but the impact that all these productions have had on Voadora, which today is a powerful machine for generating experiences and questions without answers.

Data sheet

Duration: 45’
Visual theatre

Data sheet:
Idea and stage direction: Marta Pazos
Original music and live performance: Hugo Torres, based on sound recordings from 1983 by José Ramón Pazos (Pachi)
With: Marta Pazos, Hugo Torres and four local extras Lights: Rui Monteiro
Co-production: Scenes of Change festival and #meetyou Valladolid
Acknowledgments: Padiola Rizzi. A piece created in the Scuola Conia school directed by Claudia Castellucci and premiered in the Teatro Comandini in 2020.


Spanish premiere
Sincro T18Feb, 8pm Cidade da Cultura. Museo Centrum Gaiás Room 1