A veces creo que te veo. Foto: Tanja Dorendorf
A veces creo que te veo. Foto: Tanja Dorendorf

A veces creo que te veo

Mariano Pensotti. Con Antía Otero, Teresa Moure, Carlos Santiago and Antón Lopo | Argentina – 120 minutes

Preview: January 28 | February 4, 11:30 – Train Station

A veces creo que te veo. Foto: Tanja Dorendorf
A veces creo que te veo. Mariano Pensotti. Foto: Tanja Dorendorf

A train station. Four writers watch over the site from different points of view. On their laptops, they write in real time what they see at the station. And they also write about other things, sometimes personal, sometimes invented, sometimes historical. Everything they write is projected onto video screens. Spectators and occasional passers-by from the train station start to become a part of the writers’ narration. When they look at the screens they notice that they are becoming characters of a fiction written at the moment. Viewers see how the writers create a kind of live novel by taking the specific reality that surrounds them. And at the same time, they have the possibility to “act”, intervene in such fiction; they are a part of the collective creation of a story that reflects a given time and space. In the manner of a security camera that records all the movements of anonymous people in public spaces, each writer creates instant stories that reflect what he or she sees or imagines about the people and the possible stories hidden in that transit point.

Mariano Pensotti

Mariano Pensotti (Buenos Aires – 1973) studied cinema, visual arts and theatre. His works have been presented in Argentina and at festivals and theatres in Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Latvia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Austria, Spain, Chile, England, Denmark and Switzerland. He has been awarded the Rozenmacher, the Clarín and the Prize F; as well as fellowships from the Unesco-Aschberg, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Fundación Antorchas and Casa de América in Madrid.


September 2010, Hallesches Tor-Berlin Subway Station. Parallel Cities Festival.