Antes de la metralla

Matarile Teatro | Galicia – 90 minutos

February 10 | 22:30 – Sala 2. Gaiás Centre Museum

[:en]Antes de la metralla. Matarile. Foto: Rubén Vilanova[:]

Antes de la metralla is not meant to be a performance. It is a real encounter between people who on the one hand contribute their point of view and, on the other hand, are willing to show themselves beyond the shelter of the word. The aim is to expose some orientations and interpretations of the contemporary scene from different angles, perspectives or implications. Antes de la metralla was conceived as a work in situ, with a few days of prior meetings, and a final staging, without the intention of being a closed show, but rather to show the outcome of that encounter: an event for a specific framework. It is a project in progress, lacking any commercial value. The participants, as accomplices, witnesses, companions and collaborators, are directly or indirectly linked to the stage. All are spectators.

Matarile Teatro

Founded in 1986, it is one of the most international and award winning Galician companies. In 1993 they created and managed the Teatro Galán in Compostela, a space dedicated to presenting and disseminating contemporary dance and theatre in Galicia. Matarile Teatro closed down from September 2010 until September 2013, when it restarted productions with the première of Staying Alive, followed by Teatro Invisible, Hombres bisagra and El cuello de la jirafa, all active. In 2016, the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Matarile Teatro has performed in many cities in other countries such as Boston, Brasilia, Paris, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Oporto, Leipzig, Bologna, Dresden, Edinburgh, Bucharest, Rennes; and will soon be in Timisoara, Romania.

Cast & crew

Directed by: Ana Vallés | Texts and choreography: Equipo Metralla | Lighting & Scene: Baltasar Patiño  | Choreographies: Equipo Metralla | Custome: Equipo Metralla | Musical Selection: Equipo Metralla | Documentation: Jacobo Bugarín + Rubén Vilanova | Production: Laura Sánchez | With support of: Matarile Teatro e os festivais 32 MIT Mostra Internacional Teatro de Rivadavia 2016, FITO Festival Internacional de Teatro de Ourense 2016, Escenas do Cambio Compostela 2017, ALT de Vigo Festival Alternativo das Artes Escénicas de Vigo 2017.

Antes de la metralla: Mónica García, Eduardo Pérez-Rasilla, Carlos Aladro, Ana Contreras, Lara Contreras, Ricardo Santana, Baltasar Patiño,Celeste González, Mauricio González, Ana Vallés | Special Collaborations: Metralla Escenas do Cambio 2017: María Roja, Jacobo Bugarín, Ignacio Sanz.


July 2016. Mostra Internacional de Teatro de Ribadavia-MIT 2016 (Ourense).