Aparato radical. Maida Carvallo
Aparato radical. Maida Carvallo

Aparato radical (Work in progress)

Manuela Infante | Chile – 75 minutes

February 9 | 20:30 – Sala 1. Gaiás Centre Museum

Aparato radical. Maida Carvallo
Aparato radical. Work in progress. Manuela Infante. Foto: Maida Carvallo

Aparato radical is a polyphonic, ramified, exuberant, repetitive, divisible and sessile monologue. Its main character is a woman, who is not an individual, but a crowd, a swarm. This is not animal work, it is vegetable work. Based on the revolutionary thinking of plant philosophers such as Michael Marder, and plant neurobiologists like Stefano Mancuso, exploration consists of probing the ways in which new concepts such as plant intelligence, vegetative soul or plant communication can transform our creative practice. If we accept that plants have other ways of thinking, feeling, communicating, other ways of being intelligent, other forms of consciousness, and another sense of time, perhaps we might see our own sense of thinking, feeling, being, communicating and being aware. Michael Marder’s argues ‘recognising a valid “other” in plants is also beginning to understand how that other plant within us is.’ Aparato radical tirelessly surrounds an impossible dialogue, that of humans and plants. A failed dialogue with nature that is, perhaps, our most inbred monologue.

Manuela Infante

Bachelor of Arts by the University of Chile and Master in Cultural Analysis by the University of Amsterdam. Since 2001, together with her company Teatro de Chile, she has worked as a playwright and director of the works, “Prat”, “Juana”, “Narciso”, “Rey Planta”, “Cristo”, “Ernesto”, “Multicancha”, “Loros Negros” and “Zoo”, mostly funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. Together with the above works is “Fin” (2008), produced and premièred at the Modena festival, Italy. Also the work “What’s he building in there?” (2011) as a resident of the Bob Wilson Theatre Research Center. She directed the works “On the Beach” curated by Bob Wilson and premièred at the Barishnikov Arts Center in New York (2012) and “Don’t Feed the Humans” premièred at Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin. Her work has been presented in Germany, Holland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, United States, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

Cast & crew

Direction: Manuela Infante | Dramaturgy: Manuela Infante and Marcela Salinas | Cast: Marcela Salinas | Integral design: Rocío Hernández | Production: Carmina Infante.


World première at Escenas do Cambio 2017.