Cheverografías. Compostela 8717

Chévere | Galicia – 50 minutes

February 6, 7 and 8 | Two shows per day: 19:30 and 21:30 – Guided tour to walk Chévere’s theatrical geography in Compostela. Starting point: Matadoiro

Cheverografías. Chévere

The Chévere group was invented in the bars, streets and schools of Compostela in 1987, just before the city began its transformation. Chévere learned the theatrical trade by exploring the city, strolling, getting lost in it, stepping inside and feeling its beat. It ended up by occupying a place it deserved in a marginal neighbourhood on the road to Finis Terrae, causing the trajectories of the neighbours to take a course not devised by politicians nor urban planners. And their practice of theatre became a tool to document the process of transformation they lived. Thirty years later, Chévere and Compostela are still there, but neither of the two is the same. They lost sight of one another when Chévere had to go to exile and they barely recognise each other. But Chévere is a drama group with urban memory. For this reason, they propose to map thirty years of wandering in the shadow of the city, to share an emotional map enabling us to revisit Chévere’s theatrical geography in Compostela, trying to translate the city of 1987 with the words of 2017. Chévere proposes a theatrical intervention that is a way of reuniting with the city to inhabit it once again. A theatrical experience superimposed over urban sprawl. Appropriating the walk as a way to relate to the surroundings and provoke a staged event right on the street. It is about walking, watching, listening, feeling. Activating the encounter of theatre and audience. Developing fiction that will make the city in which we continue to live even more real. The audience will follow the piece via mp3 players and headphones delivered at the starting point of the tour.


National Theatre Award in 2014 for collective creation, genre transgression, and connection with social reality. Their works frequently refer to subjects known by all and present in the mass media. They transform and retouch them to present them in a playful or ironic manner. Their productions appeal to fun and laughter as a form of expression. From their beginning, in 1987, they have performed on all kinds of stages in many different countries.


World première at Escenas do Cambio 2017.