Muerte y reencarnación de un cowboy
Muerte y reencarnación de un cowboy

Muerte y reencarnación en un cowboy

Rodrigo García | France – 75 minutes

February 15 | 20:30 – Sala 1. Gaiás Centre Museum

Muerte y reencarnación de un cowboy
Muerte y reencarnación de un cowboy. Rodrigo García. Foto: Christian Berthelot

Escenas do Cambio tells us a possible theatre story. In that story, Muerte y reencarnación en un cowboy, one of the highlights in Rodrigo García’s work, presents itself as a challenge to live in the abyss that every moment has. This play talks about laughter, friendship, couples and all those transcendental things which are gradually lost, condemning us to hopeless solitude. Rodrigo Garcia, a faithful prophet of these electronic times, can see further and says so loud and clear. With no nonsense, with no precautions. And that hurts. The two characters lack the will to transfigure anything, so they name their thoughts bluntly and reach the heart of the matter without holding back anything. In Rodrigo Garcia’s top work, the two actors are shaken up by mechanical bulls. Eleven years after presenting Accidens at the Sala Nasa, Rodrigo returns to Santiago with this irreverent, brutal work.

Rodrigo García

Rodrigo García has been said to be “author of texts that explode like bombs”. Born in Argentina in 1964, he settled in Spain at a very young age. Rodrigo García is also a videographer, performer and stage director, an atypical creator who combines elements of the past and of popular culture today. Together with his company, La Carnicería Teatro, he created a surprising theatrical language bringing together ideas and emotions to stir the younger generations of drama. With his corrosive shows and his own marked accent, Rodrigo García has presented at the main European theatres and festivals, becoming one of the most prominent creators in the current international scene. After the success of Conocer gente, comer mierda (1999) and Haberos quedado en casa, capullos (2000) in the alternative showroom circuit, Rodrigo García opens Aftersun (2001). Among his latest pieces are Versus (2008), En algún momento de la vida deberías plantearte seriamente dejar de hacer el ridículo (2007), 2186 (2007), Arrojad mis cenizas sobre Mickey (2006), Aproximación a la idea de la desconfianza (2006) and Prefiero que me quite el sueño Goya a que lo haga cualquier hijo de puta (2004).

Cast & crew

A proposal by: Rodrigo García | Stage: Juan Loriente, Juan Navarro, Marina Hoisnard | Lighting: Carlos Marquerie | Technical director: Roberto Cafaggini | Sound mix: Vincent Le Meur | Manager: Jean-Pierre Timous | Production of the tour: Diego Lamas | Production: La Carnicería Teatro-Madrid, Théâtre National de Bretagne.


November 2009, Théâtre National de Bretagne, Rennes.