iLMaquinario | Galicia – 75 minutes

February 1 | 21:30 – Salón Teatro

Resaca. iLMaquinario

In the summer of 2016, five friends decide to get together in the spirit of rebuilding their own generational and family memory through the story of an ordinary person who went missing and marked their lives: Álex. A bunch of notebooks, hundreds of thoughts, conversations, photos, vinyl records, cassettes and various objects are the materials used as the starting point for research that also becomes a personal discovery for each one of them. How did our references influence to shape our individual discourse? How many different versions can there be of one same memory? How can memory save us from the vertigo of this world of changing and unstoppable rhythms? Reflecting on these questions, they try to relive certain moments of the past by moving between the limits of reality and fiction in order to understand something of the present and the future, to understand the importance of being on one or other side of the table, to look for spaces of pause and rebellion in which to investigate the origins. This is the new proposal by the most promising Galician company in recent years.


ilMaquinario is a company created in 2012 by Tito Asorey (director), Melania Cruz, Fran Lareu, Fernando González and Laura Míguez (performers). A long-distance project which faces a new stage with this work. A theatre of great intensity based on the collective work of young artists with experience in various companies and contemporary drama.

Cast & crew

Cast: Melania Cruz, Fernando González, Fran Lareu, Laura Míguez and Vazdim Yukhnevich | Set design: Montse Piñeiro, Laura Iturralde | Costume: Yaiza Pinillos | Lighting: José Manuel Faro ‘Coti’ | Musical direction: Vadim Yuknevich | Live music: Vadim Yuknevich, Fran Lareu, Fernando González, Melania Cruz and Laura Míguez | Photography and video: Aitor Uve | Graphic design: José Lameiras | Texts: Tito Asorey, Ana Carreira, Melania Cruz, Fernando González, Fran Lareu, Laura Míguez, María Peinado, Vadim Yuknevich | Distribution: Carlos Martínez Carbonell (Crémilo) | Assistant Director: María Peinado | Dramaturgy: Ana Carreira and Tito Asorey | Directed by: Tito Asorey | A production by iLMaquinario Teatro.


January 2017, Auditorio Municipal de Ourense, Galicia.