Yo en el futuro
Yo en el futuro

Yo en el futuro

Federico León | Argentina – 60 minutes

January 31 | 21:30 – Teatro Principal

Yo en el futuro
Yo en el futuro. Federico León. Foto: Wim Pannecoucke.

Yo en el futuro, as described by Óscar Cornago, is a kind of stage ceremony lasting shortly less than an hour; a ceremony, therefore, of repetition. It is the ritual of showing something and showing oneself to others, and what is shown here are some films that the same characters recorded when they were children. Like any ritual, it has some confrontation with the past which becomes present on the scene, as something that is already known, learned beforehand. The projection of these recordings occupies the centre, but they are not the centre of the work; the centre is what happens on the scene, what is happening while these images are being shown, how they are being watched and what the viewers are experiencing, another scenic process by nature. This act of watching gives rise to a small ritual of initiation, where the elders initiate the minors by showing them something, watching them, and, in a sense, projecting their lives. As in every ritual there is a degree of violence, the violence of an imposed (scenic) order, the precise order with which everything has to happen, with which everything has to be repeated; the trauma of passing from one state to another, from childhood to adolescence, from adolescence to old age, the violence of loss.

Federico León

Federico León (Buenos Aires, 1975). In drama he wrote and directed Cachetazo de campo, Museo Miguel Ángel Boezzio, Mil quinientos metros sobre el nivel de Jack, El adolescente, Yo en el Futuro, Las Multitudes and Las ideas. He wrote, directed and acted in his first film, Todo juntos. In 2007 he wrote and directed, with Marcos Martínez, his second film: Estrellas. In 2009, with Martin Rejtman, he wrote and directed Entrenamiento elemental para actores. In 2014 he made La última película, a series of interventions in former cinemas converted into parking lots.

Cast & crew

A creation by: Federico León & Marianela Portillo, Julián Tello, Jimena Anganuzzi Esteban Lamothe | Actress on stage: Elizabeth Bagnes | Actors in the video: Jimena Anganuzzi, Oscar Grilli, Esteban Lamothe, Isabella Longhitano, Dina Minster, Marianela Portillo, Belén Pulvirenti, Federico Rosenzvaig | Casting: Maria Laura Berch , Catriel Vildosola | Montage: Martín Mainoli – Catalina Rincón | Make-up and hairstyling: Néstor Burgos | Costume: Valentina Bari | Set design: Ariel Vaccaro | Art: Mariela Rípodas | Music: Carmen Baliero and Yo en el Futuro | General technique and artistic collaboration: Julián Tello | Postproduction and video technician: Alejandro Soler | Camera and photography: Guillermo Nieto | Lighting design: Alejandro Le Roux – Guillermo Nieto | Directed by: Federico León | Yo en el futuro is a production by: Complejo Teatral, Buenos Aires, in co-production with Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), HAU Theatre (Berlin), Festival delle Colline Torinesi (Torino) and Steirischer Herbst Festival (Graz).


2009, Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels)