Chroma (35′)

Alessandro Sciarroni


February 15 | 22.15 hours


During the experience of the ‘Migrant Bodies’ project, between 2014 and 2015, Sciarroni developed an idea for a new performative practice that is profoundly germinal. After watching the migratory patterns of several animals, who at the end of their lives return to breed and die in their native territories, the artist began to work on the concept of ‘turning’

The word ‘turning’ appears on stage in a literal sense, through the action of the body revolving around its axis: the action unfolds in an emotional, psycho-physical journey, a lasting dance, the same way that ‘turning’ also means evolving, changing. In the TURNING_ migrant bodies version, Sciarroni returns to the stage to perform the action in person, after training for several months in practice to let the body turn indefinitely without losing balance.

As in other works, the length of the action and the gradual increase in speed can create a kind of hypnotic link between the performer and the viewer. Alessandro Sciarroni is one of the reference choreographers of recent years.

His pieces, always worked from traditional materials, or from a single gesture (laughter, juggling, turning, traditional Tyrolean dance), achieve a hypnotic effect that multiplies the meanings of dance today. Perhaps just by staying there, living somewhere profoundly, we can truly think where we are going.


Creator and director: Alessandro Sciarroni
Performance: Alessandro Sciarroni
Lighting design: Rocco Giansante
Playwright: Alessandro Sciarroni, Su-Feh Lee
Original music: Paolo Persia
Stylist: Ettore Lombardi
Promotion: Lisa Gilardino
Supervision Administrativa: Chiara Fava
Technical supervision: Valeria Foti, Cosimo Maggini
Search-research: Damien Modolo
Production: corpoceleste_C.C.00# and Marche Teatro
Coproduction: Le CENTQUATRE(Paris), CCN2 – Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble, Les Halles de Schaerbeek

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