Marco Berretini

Switzerland | 75 MIN

February 10 | 12.30 hours


Marco Berrettini relives his roots as a German dance club champion in 1978, in an performance that questions the human capacity for self-sufficiency at a time where all that which is holy has ceased to exist.

Can we consider any improvement in our spiritual lives without the existence of a God? Can our lives be profound, without reincarnation, karma, monotheism or polytheism? Or does our environment determine our actions and thoughts? In Ifeel4, the dancer and choreographer Marco Berrettini introduces a mutation between dance and body. Controlled by —or completely independent from— pianist and composer Samuel Pajand, he offers a modern version of the choruses in Greek tragedies, where he dances non-stop.

And thus, he makes us reflect on the mutation between dance and body, on the strength of our expressions and how external elements can change our inner state. And vice versa.

Berrettini is another figure of reference for contemporary dance, and for the first time, he presents his work in Galicia. He does so accompanied by a choir of children from Santiago de Compostela. Thus, the festival continues its commitment to transdisciplinary works that bring the younger ones to the world of the international contemporary scene. A whole life on the stage in order for music not to stop.


Choreography and dance: Marco Berrettini
Music: Summer Music and Marco Berrettini and Samuel Pajand
Piano and voice: Samuel Pajand
Stage setting and lighting: Victor Roy
Wardrobe and props: Séverine Besson
Technical Director: Pierre Montessuit
Manager and touring: Tutu Production