Empapelado amarelo (Yellow walpaper)

Melania Cruz & Tito Asorey


February 7 | 19 hours


“When this story was published, a Boston doctor wrote ‘Such a story ought not to be written, he said; it was enough to drive anyone mad to read it.’ It was not intended to drive people crazy, but to save people from being driven crazy, and it worked.” Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

Yellow Wallpaper is a one-person theatre show, a part of the autobiographical story written in 1891 by the North American author Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In it, she narrates, in the first person, the pernicious consequences of a medical treatment she had been diagnosed by a well-known doctor of the time to fight the melancholic and depressive state she had fallen into following the birth of her first daughter. This treatment consisted basically of forsaking all kinds of intellectual and creative activities, with a high-calorie diet, and an almost total seclusion at home. The home ended up by becoming a prison where, being accustomed to an intense social and artistic activity, she would eventually approach the abyss of existence and the limits of her sanity.

The author uses the keys of Gothic horror storytelling to denounce the repressive mechanisms of heteropatriarchy on the women of her time, deprived of any kind of public voice and closed in a system that made them fully dependent on their husbands. Yellow wallpaper is one of the best samples of 19th-century feminist literature, which is still the subject of diverse interpretations, revisions and new readings by artists from around the world, given its foundational character, where the author builds a character which represents a contemporary archetype of women’s struggle to achieve full freedom.

This first show by A Quinta do Cuadrante is interpreted by Melania Cruz, one of the Galician performers with most outreach recently (María Casares Award 2015, Mestre Mateo Award 2018), and it is her first single-person show. Both the playwriting and direction are in the hands of the other part of the company’s core, Tito Asorey (Maria Casares awardee 2015). Three new creators joined the project, with a long career path in theatre and audiovisuals: Laura Iturralde, Renata Uzal and Lucía Estévez, allowing the construction of a show where words dialogue with light, darkness, fabric and sound and visual atmospheres, forming an intense, subtle theatre experience.


Actress: Melania Cruz
Director and playwright: Tito Asorey
Stage and lighting: Laura Iturralde
Wardrobe: Renata Uzal
Assistant director and graphic image: Lucía Estévez