Os voy a contar mi vida

Esther Ferrer


February 7 | 18 hours


16 people take part in the action Os voy a contar mi vida, 8 of which are deaf or master sign language, and another 8 speak each one in their own language. The performance combines the visual and sonic aspect of language and rounds up into a chorus of gestures and voices in which different languages, cultures and sensitivities interact in a single visual and sound ensemble. An action with which Esther Ferrer endeavours to contribute to the visibility of sign language and to celebrate the diversity of ways of thinking, of expressing oneself and of communicating proper to each language.

From the beginning of her career at the end of the 1960s, Esther Ferrer (Donostia-San Sebastian, 1937) has developed her lines of thought through a wide variety of forms and materials, becoming a pioneer artist in performance, a genre that she defines as “an art that combines time and space with the presence of an audience that is not a mere spectator, but, if it wishes, it may take part in the action.”

The artist values, above all, the freedom of the viewer, so she does not offer any conclusions, but questions and doubts so that, independently, audiences will generate their own personal interpretations.

In 1967, Esther Ferrer started to take part in the activities of the group Zaj, making action art her main means of expression ever since. As of 1970, she retook the realization of visual works through intervention photographs, installations, paintings and drawings, based on the series of prime numbers, objects and sound pieces. Her work with ZAJ continued with very direct actions until 1996, when the group dissolved after a retrospective exhibition at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. In 1999, she represented Spain at the Venice Biennale; and she has been awarded the National Prize for Visual Arts and the Velázquez Prize.

COOPERATION: Federación de Asociacións de Persoas Xordas de Galicia