MUSEUM CENTRO GAIÁS Cidade da Cultura de Galicia. Monte Gaiás s/n Main site for the 'Escenas do cambio' since its first year. Its beauty and flexibility make this building of the Cidade da Cultura de Galicia the perfect space for hosting large-scale exhibitions, cultural events and stage productions. Level -1 Room 1 and Room 2
LIBRARY AND ARCHIVE OF GALICIA Cidade da Cultura de Galicia. Monte Gaiás s/n The Biblioteca e Arquivo de Galicia (Library and Archive of Galicia) forms the core of the system of Galician libraries and the documentary heritage of our region. It brings together, conserves and disseminates all the bibliographical and documentary heritage of Galicia and allows in-person or remote access. It is a key piece for cultural activities related to books, reading and libraries; the dissemination of Galician culture is one of the main goals of this institution. The Neira Vilas Auditorium will be used for artistic purposes in this 'Escenas do cambio' festival of 2020.
SALÓN TEATRO Rúa Nova, 34 Located in the historical zone of Santiago de Compostela, the Salón Teatro was re-opened in 1999 after an architectural restructuring that recovered the use as a theatre of this space dating from 1920, after two decades without any performances. It is currently managed by the Department for Culture and Tourism, through Agadic. The theatre is hosting the exhibition in Santiago de Compostela of all the productions of the Galician Dramatic Centre, which has its headquarters here, as well as offering a programme open to the different stage disciplines, music and cinema. It has a capacity of 272.
TEATRO PRINCIPAL Rúa Nova, 21 With capacity of 434, it is located in the historical zone of Santiago and offers a varied programme managed directly by the city’s local council, which is its landlord. The building was constructed in 1842, based on the designs of the architect Manuel de Prado y Vallo. A major reform was carried out in 1988 by the architects Rafael Baltar, José A. Bartolomé, Carlos Almuiña and Gerardo Salvador.
FACULTADE DE DEREITO. USC Campus Vida (GAL) A orixe dos estudios de Dereito na USC data do ano 1649, pero non é ata 1978 cando comezan a impartirse no edificio actual, situado no Campus Vida. A Facultade de Dereito ten 75 membros do persoal docente e investigador e 7 membros do persoal de administración e servizos. Conta con 30 aulas que acollen a mais de 1.000 estudantes e a Facultade de Dereito é un dos centros con maior demandada do Sistema Universitario Galego. Na Facultade impártense dous Graos e e 3 Másteres.