Programa Escenas do Cambio 2020

¡Yo bailo porque vosotros existís! (I dance because you exist): That phrase marks the start of the performance Camelamos naquerar, which was premiered by the great dancer and choreographer Mario Maya in 1976.

Camelamos naquerar means “we want to speak in Caló”. So, can a dancer have her own voice as well as feet, hips or arms? Can she tell, write, read, show and even dance the material that is in this spectacle? Fragments and various prints of this mythical spectacle have been staged, filtered by the body and experience of this dancer. What form would this seguiriya have today? What is the role of women in this production? There are some of the questions to naquerar: talk and dance.


Ficha artística

She is a graduate of the High Conservatory of Classical and Spanish Dance, as well as having a diploma in Musical Teaching from the University of Seville. As a dancer she has performed on the international stage for more than 15 years, working with a variety of companies; and since, 2008 she has performed alone. She has continued her research work with a Master’s Degree in Stage Practice and Visual Culture from the University of Cuenca, in collaboration with the Reina Sofia Museum.