Programa Escenas do Cambio 2020

Los Bravú are an artistic duo formed by Dea Gómez and Diego Omil. They have developed a multidisciplinary project together, which is currently based mainly on figurative painting linked to the pictorial tradition of the 15th and 16th centuries, revisited from a contemporary viewpoint.

Caderno de vacacións (Holiday Notebook) was created based on the proposal by Escenas do cambio festival to carry out a project that is different from their main line of work and investigates new forms of expression in line with the spirit of the festival.

Consistent in its content and form with respect to their normal imagery, the work presents a lyrical landscape of photos of the heritage city, an open-air museum that has become converted into a stage for a choreographic performance, where the mass acts as a single subject.

Without irony, it reproduces the dynamics of tourists as figures that move repeating stereotyped gestures leading to automatism; an attitude derived from the use of new technologies as a means of self-representation in a global context.

It is a proposal that explores the relationship between the issuer and receiver in the context of the social media where the public becomes the audience and time is suspended. Auteur comics, painting, sculpture and video are some of the disciplines that Dea Gómez and Diego Omil worked with under the pseudonym of Los Bravú. Their work has received numerous awards and grants such as INJUVE, residence at the Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême, and grants from the Royal Academy of Spain, Casa de Indias and more recently from Ankaria in Senegal. Their work is included in numerous collections such as DKV, Mariano Yera, the Cortés Foundation and the Kells collection.


Ficha artística

Original idea: Los Bravú (Dea Gómez and Diego Omil) Dancers: Beatriz de Paz Sánchez, Andoni Martínez, Roció Tejeda Cabrerizo, Marcos del Ríos and Gádor Lago Benito Staging and costumes: Los Bravú (Dea Gómez and Diego Omil) Music: Elías Fraguas


World Premiere