Programa Escenas do Cambio 2020

Samedi Détente is the name of a popular radio programme that Dorothée Munyaneza listened to in Rwanda when she was a child, before genocide devastated the country. The ghosts who have inhabited it since then are claiming the right to be known. But how is it possible to say that the extermination of 800,000 people was completed in only 100 days? How can the pain of the child react against the blind violence; dialogue with the point of view of a woman who remembers from a safe haven? What words can express the condition of being eye-witnesses?

In a poetic work capable of mixing acoustic research, narrative and corporal presence, Munyaneza passes through a history, which is hers; one that she cannot contain except at the cost of focusing it, following the traces of her memory located in space and time.


Ficha artística

Choreography: Dorothée Munyaneza Performer: Nadia Beugré Music: Alain Mahé Lighting: Arnaud Seghiri Sound: Camille Frachet


Premier in Spain