Programa Escenas do Cambio 2020

Storytellers and stories that come together in this spectacle are seen by this storytelling group as possessing their own universe and a unique voice, a special way of telling stories.

However, this trio (Celso, Guti and Quico) have participated in events that are far from traditional, including among others this festival, the Alkantara Fest (Lisbon) and BAD in Bilbao, with the spectacle Os contos de Joselín, a product of Central Folque. Without letting themselves be blinded by postmodern glitter they return again and again to villages, towns and taverns and loosen their tongues and memories to continue to feed the spectacle of the spoken word, the greatest spectacle in the world.

There are many stories in the repertoire of the trio that were told by old women, who were told them by other old women: a geometric progression of old women. The old women of Guti, Quico and Celso never knew each other, but they could have had a conversation together by a carbide lamp or at the oilcloth of village kitchens.

Often the sessions of stories are séances, and the old women appear to help the narrator who gets lost in a joke, or in a comment on current events, and make him return to the story. The old women who deposit spells, histories and recipes in them, have asked for and received a place on the stage. That is why this changing spectacle is presented as Tres vellas (polo menos) (Three Old Women (At Least).

This exclusive show will display the penetrating gazes, the calloused hands resulting from all the work and the keen sense of taste of the old women. And at a certain point the audience will feel the aroma of the honest stews of the past. And at the end, the spectators, with salivating mouths, will leave dreaming of a steaming dish of memory.


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World premiere