The piece presented by the artist Ana Matey in the Scenes of Change Festival is a new performance within the series of Conversaciones (Conversations), which she has been developing since 2015.

Each is about a different subject, depending on the events or concerns of the time. This performance is number 10 in the series, with the subtitle: Sobre la distancia (About distance). Thinking today about distance…

When I think about distance, words like distance, journey, path, movement, travel, time, come to mind. In the far away, I think of strange, of the unknown. On the way there, I find the event, the discovery. In movement, something new may arise. On the trip, everything is new, passion appears… learning. In time, everything is, is there, continuous narration, discursive thread that draws all of the above. In the distance there is a gulf that does not allow me to reach the other side, the other, even myself… (Ana Matey)

Ana Matey (Madrid)

Performer, visual artist and tireless researcher. Her work is a profound exploration on the limits of the human body and their relationship with nature, organised mainly through three key verbs: walking, collecting and movement.

Since 2001 her work has been shown in museums, galleries, theatres and independent spaces across Spain, nearly the whole of Europe and overseas in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Morocco, Indonesia and Japan; in institutions such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the FADO Art Centre in Canada, the Vostell Museum in Caceres, the Reina Sofia Museum

in Madrid, Sesama Galería in Yogyakara, St Mark’s Church in Venice, the Coliseum Cinema in Berlin, Museum of Modern Art in Tetuan, Universum Theatre in Helsinki, the Monte Veritá Foundation in Switzerland, Dzialan Gallery in Warsaw, Catalyst Arts Gallery in Belfast, etc.

She has received numerous grants for creative work, the latest in the La Regenta Arts Centre (2019) and the Valdearte Centre for Contemporary Environmental Art (2020). Since 2006, in addition to her creative work she has also acted in the area of promotion, research and training.

She is co-founder of ElCarromato (2006/10), ARTóN (2009/14) and the current EXCHANGE Live Art (2012) e MATSUcreación (2012). She regularly participates in panel discussions, conferences and presentations.



Data sheet

Duration: 30’
Art in action


World premiere in Scenes of Change 2021
Conversations 10. About Distance F21May, 7pm Cidade da Cultura Exteriors of the Cidade da Cultura