Based on the essential, or inessential, or strictly necessary, based on almost nothing, such as being able to say there’s life, life, life! Ah, love, love! Ah, death! Anywhere, outside, inside, at home, in the theatre, in the square, to say: ah, life, ah love, love, ah death to death!

The company has chosen different forms of conversations with a variety of accents, taking different forms and using them without separating them: movement, text in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and French), dance, song and the rhythms coming from, among others, flamenco zapateado or tap dancing

Roser Montlló

Born in Barcelona, where she studied classical dance, contemporary dance, Spanish dance and theatre at L’Institut de Teatre de Barcelona, and won first prize in the National Classical Dance Competition.

She went to France in 1982 and began her work with the choreographers Maguy Marin, Brigitte Farges, Adriana Borriello (in Italy), Angelin Preljocaj, Charles Cré-Ange and Jean-Christophe Bleton. She also worked with Tomeo Verges to create the company Man Drake. She studied Spanish Baroque Dance with Ana Yepes and French Baroque Dance with Francine Lancelot and Béatrice Massin.


Brigitte Seth

Author, director and actor. She trained at the School of Arts, Circus Skills and Mime in the Nouveau Carré Sylvia Monfort in Paris. She went on tour for three years with the touring group Théâtre Emporté (later Zingaro) with Ben Jonson’s The Alchemist, created by A foire aux patrons.

She founded her first company, Théâtre Incarnat, in which she co-wrote the first productions in which she interpreted: Loin et longuetemps and Le nain.

As an actor, she has worked with many directors and choreographers, in particular Christine Marneffe, Jean- Marie Maddeddu, Alain Brugnago, Patrice Bigel, Eloi Recoing, Tomeo Verges and Jean- François Peyret.

Toujours après minuit

In 1997 Brigitte and Roser combined forces to found the company. When they met, the multiplicity of cultures and experiences of each led them to create shows in which theatre, dance and music were linked. They define themselves as “authors of shows, directors, choreographers, writers and interpreters.”



Data sheet

Duration: 45’
Physical and textual theatre

Data sheet:
Texts, interpreters and directors: Brigitte Seth and Roser Montlló Guberna


Galician premiere. Reworking of their first work (1997)
However you Like T18May, 6 pm Cidade da Cultura. CINC Auditorium 2