Galicia has a multitude of female creators who are continuously growing, both personally and professionally. These six choreographers and dancers are a good example of this. They all work on the discourse of their projects through movement, using their bodies as the place of creation.

From the concept of the feminine their works distil feminism as a conceptual material. Their strategy is none other than constantly trying to make dance arise and take it to the place that corresponds to it in the theatrical arts.

The programme Escenas en danza (Scenes in Dance) was created to bring together different Galician artists who individually, but with the idea of a collective, work space as a landscape where the public can enjoy in a temporary and transitable way a journey through dance in the inside of the City of Culture.

The dancers do not dance alone. They are a clear example that dance in Galicia is and will be a model of the effort of women who dance and do not give up, maintaining quality and tenderness above invisibility.

Begoña Cuquejo_Galicia danza

As a choreographer she received the Injuve Award in 2010, and was chosen for the Choreographic Competition of Madrid in 2008. His latest projects are Bailarina Oscila, created with Sonia Gómez in residence at Graner and the FestivAlt in Vigo, Nomadismo relacional (La Casa Encendida, Madrid) and the piece #spanishwashing with Matías Daporta.

She has given workshops at university level in HETS in Geneva, the University of Lublin and RESAD in Madrid; she also works as a tutor for the Master in innovation at the USC.

She cofounded and directs the University Dance Class at the Ourense Campus (D-ou-tras). She has also been director and cultural manager for two years at the Galicia Danesga association of professionals, and currently forms part of the association A Performative, where she runs the Festival EnCorpsEnSemble in Geneva.

Her work as curator included in 2014 the Performance Festival in CGAC De Corporo in Lugar, and the corpo(a) terra Festival.

Thanks to her extensive clinical and systematic experience in hypnosis she is regularly asked to be an advisor or scene creator. She worked for 3 years as cultural mediator for the cultural service of the council of Meyrin, Switzerland.

Castro is an immersive dance piece that can be viewed through digital devices on site. It is a geolocated dance, inspired in the figure of the deceased mayor of Ourense, Manuel Suárez Castro, through the historical memory or forgetting that can be drawn on the body of his female family members.

Taking part: Laura Iturralde and other artists  |Work created thanks to the help and distribution of ProHelvética


Clara Ferrão

Interpreter, teacher and creator in the field of contemporary dance. She began her studies in classical dance and came to contemporary dance in Madrid in the year 2003. She has a degree from the Mariemma Royal Professional Dance Conservatoire in Madrid, in the professional course of specialisation in contemporary dance. In 2015 she studied for a Master in Dance and the Arts of Movement at the University of Murcia dancer, of particular note has been her participation in events with the Fura dels Baus and the work Garaxe by the theatrical company Voadora. She also works together with others as a choreographer and dancer, collaborating with a number of different companies.

In 2019 she received the award for the best interpreter at the La Espiral Contemporánea competition in Santander for her piece Miñaxoia. Currently she is working with the company Ao-badulaque from Caceres on their new production Serrana. She combines her professional work as a dancer with teaching, giving regular classes, workshops and jam sessions in a number of centres and festivals.

Kirenia Martínez

A dancer, actor and choreographer born in Santa Clara (Cuba). She has a middle-level degree in Professional Technical Education, in the speciality of Acting, from the National School of Art of Cuba; and also a higher-level degree as Contemporary Dance Performer. She is director and artistic collaborator in a number of companies, projects and festivals. Co-director and founder of the Entremans Company from 2005 to the present, has also been artistic co-director of the Quincegotas Festival (La Coruña, since 2015), artistic co-director of the Festival of Eidos since 2019, artistic co-director of the Empape Festival (La Coruña, from 2008 to 2011) and director of the Kirenia Danza Company (2019).


Paula Quintas

Dancer, circus performer, visual choreographerands and teacher. She has a degree in the History of Art from the University of Santiago de Compostela, with a major in contemporary art. She is also a graduate in contemporary Dance from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and in circus techniques from the National Centre for Circus Arts in London. She is a co-director of the Corpo(a) Earth Festival, Ourense, belonging to the Red Acielo Abierto, a national network of festivals in non-conventional spaces. She is a spokesperson representing Dance and the Circus in the region of Galicia, in Galician Theatre (Professional Association of Theatrical Arts of Galicia).

She is co-director of the Traspediante Company, which has a number of productions in repertory which have been enthusiastically received across Spain.

María Roja

Performer, actor and visual artist. Her work revolves around the body as a container of what is intimate, as well as a social and political architecture, with a marked interest in the processes of appropriation, incorporation and transmission of immaterial knowledge, as well as its power as an element of subversion and resistance. She is a graduate of Fine Arts with a Master in Theatrical Art from the University of Vigo and has a degree in Dramatic Art from ESAD in Galicia. She is completing her practical training working with prestigious artists. She forms part of the cross-border collective Límites.


In the area of interpretation she has worked in theatrical companies such as Matarile, the Galician Centre for Drama, etc. In the audiovisual field, she has worked under the direction of film makers such as Ignacio Vilar, Alexandre Cancelo and Breogán Riveiro. In 2017 she received the María Casares Prize for Best Supporting Female Actor. Currently she combines her work as researcher in the doctoral programme into Creation and Research in Contemporary Art at the University of Vigo with creative work in the fields of the theatrical and visual arts.


Nuria Sotelo

An interpreter in the language of dance, theatre and the scenicarts. She is artistic director of the dance/theatre company Licenciada Sotelo. She has been linked to dance from her childhood through ballet, and continues her training in contemporary dance, yoga, Butoh dance, theatre and voice in the Dance and Theatre Classes of the universities of Santiago de Compostela and Ourense, as well as international workshops. She forms part of the core cast of Matarile Teatro and participates as an interpreter and choreographer in creations of dance, theatre, circus and independent artists’ companies: Centro Coreográfico Galego, Femme Fatale, Experimentadanza, Teatro Resoante, Elefante Elegante, María Move Cía., Mikel Arístegui Cía., Cía. Io, Magdalena Arau, Hellen Bertels.




Data sheet

Duration: 60’
A piece created specifically for the festival by Begoña Cuquejo, Clara Ferrão, Kirenia Martínez, Paula Quintas, María Roja and Nuria Sotelo

— + DURA by Kirenia Martínez (Kirenia Danza);
— RASTREXO EN 570 PASOS by María Roja; Piece created in collaboration with Alba
— BLANCO (Blanco&Roja collective).
— CASTR@ by Begoña Cuquejo_Galicia danza MIÑAXOIA (Adaptation) by Clara Ferrão; ENTRE by Nuria Sotelo;


World premiere.
Scenes in Dance D23May, 7pm Cidade da Cultura Itinerant performance in various spaces | Meeting point: The exteriors of the Library and Archive of Galicia