Suicide notes stages the subject of suicide, the taboo that it represents; its concealment and its importance and relevance; and the fact that it implies a definitive use of the body, in other words taking a decision on the purpose of one’s life.

As happens with other common and individual projects of Marc Caellas and David G. Torres, Suicide notes is based on quotations and borrowings. In this case the suicide notes of writers, artists and musicians make up the narrative line of the piece. There are also visual references to contemporary music and art, plus information about suicide. Suicide notes is a concert, a recital, an audiovisual spectacle and an experience of collective catharsis.

Marc Caellas

A writer, performer, stage director and curator of cultural projects. His latest works investigate what is real on the contemporary stage: El inventor del paraíso is a biodrama that takes place in a photographic archive, Cielo TV, with David G. Torres, a TV programme based on a non-fiction novel; and El alma griega, a work of performance journalism.

With Esteban Fuene de Colombi he created El paseo de Robert Walser, an itinerant theatrical work that they have been performing since 2012 on the streets of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Bogotá, Sao Paolo, Havana, Mexico City, Madrid, Barcelona, Terrassa and Majorca, Fringe (Madrid), TNT (Terrassa), Filba (Buenos Aires) and Kosmópolis (Barcelona).

In October 2018, at the opening of the International Festival of Literature in Buenos Aires, they announced the award of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Jorge Luis Borges, in what was called “a historical redress”. He has published the works Carcelona (Melusina, 2011), Caracaos (Melusina, 2015), Drogotá (Planeta, 2017), Neuros Aires (Libros de Zorzal, 2020) and Teatro del bueno (Teatron tinta, 2015).

David G. Torres

He is the author of the non-fiction novel Cielo and the essay No más mentiras, about some stories of reality in art (and in literature, cinema and the theatre). He developed a variety of projects based on Cielo  two exhibitions for ADN Platform (La balada de Wendy and Hablar por boca ajena); and a stage adaptation, Cielo TV, with Marc Caellas.

He is a Professor of Contemporary Art in the Escola Massana, Barcelona and in the UAB. He was a curator of the exhibition PUNK. Os seus rastros na arte contemporánea in Mexico City, Macba in Barcelona, the Artium museum in Vitoria and the Dos de Mayo Art Centre in 2016 and 2017, which presented the work of more than sixty artists, with an extensive catalogue. He was curator of the Catalan and Balearic Island pavilions in Venice 2011 and of a number of exhibitions in the Centre d’Art Santa Mònica (Barcelona); Palais de Toquio (Paris); Macro (Rome); Reykjavik Museum (Reykjavik); A Capella (Barcelona); and the Joan Miró Foundation (Barcelona).


Data sheet

Duration: 70’

Data sheet
Interpreters: Esteban Feune de Colombi and Sara Vidal Caberei
Musicians: M.Ou. N. K. (Antonio Miyagi & JpBalcazar)
Lighting: Conrado Parodi Sound: Carlos Parra
Audiovisual graphic design: Ladyssenyadora Poster graphic design: Alex Gifreu Audiovisuals: Zoë Valls
Photography: Elena Blanco Idea
Script and direction: Marc Caellas and David G. Torres


Galician premiere
Suicide Notes F21May, 8.30pm Cidade da Cultura. Museo Centrum Gaiás Room 1