Roy Andersson says that the pan shot, the space surrounding a person, says more about the person than the person’s face. How should we consider the body here, as the foreground that accompanies the face and creates the prejudice of a stereotype? Or as part of the pan shot that defines a way of being and living?

The devil taking a ride on a bicycle around the empty streets, like a guardian angel without a body to accompany it. The wanderer who makes mistakes or the wanderer who wanders without purpose. Meeting Claudia and Celeste is like calling on the angel and the demon without trying to define who’s what, who’s who, or at what point they are interchangeable.

Matarile Teatro

Its artistic directors, Ana Vallés and Baltasar Patiño founded the company in 1986 in Compostela, where they also organise exhibition spaces for contemporary creation.

From 1993 to 2008 they created and managed the Teatro Galán, a space for programming and promoting contemporary theatre and dance in Galicia. Between 1993 and 2005 Teatro Galán was used for programming and creation, with more than 1,300 performances in all. From 2005 to 2008 it was only used for artistic creation and residences.

From 1995 to 2007 they organised the International Festival of Dance in the urban spaces En Pé de Pedra. In 2017 they created an impermanent exhibition space, the Sala Montiel, which was independent of budgets and official regulations. They staged more than 30 productions, numerous performances and proposals in specific formats, winning over 20 awards and mentions in a variety of points in Spain and Europe.

The productions of Matarile and Ana Vallés were performed in cities of other countries such as: Boston, Belgrade, Paris, Novi Sad, Porto, Leipzig, Bologna, Dresden, Edinburgh, Almada, Bayonne, Bucharest, Rennes, Dinan, Douarnenez, Lanester, Brasilia, Tavira, Warsaw, Viana do Castelo, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara.


Data sheet

Duration: 60’
Language: In spanish
Theatre, and a presentation of the book at the end of the performance

Data sheet
Interpreters: Celeste González and Claudia Faci Texts: Ana Vallés, Celeste González and Claudia Faci
Lighting: Baltasar Patiño and Miguel Muñoz
Stage space: Baltasar Patiño
Final photography: Rubén Vilanova
Video projections: Matarile
Vestiario: Matarile and Naftalina
Quotations/references Heiner Müller, Franco Berardi, Gilles Deleuze, Eduardo do Pueyo, Rebecca Solnit, Daniel Johnston, Gregory Crewdson, Roy Andersson
Publication of the final texts of El diablo en la playa: Edicións Invasoras
Video for publicity and Teaser: Edición Rusa
Technical and logistical support: RTA/ Matarile Technical assistance on tour: Miguel Muñoz Agency: Asesoría Cruceiro
Media promotion and dissemination: Juancho Gianzo Network management: Baltasar Patiño and Juancho Gianzo
Web and graphic design: Baltasar Patiño Production and distribution: Juancho Gianzo Director: Ana Vallés
Accompaniment and thanks: Elisa Gálvez and Juan Úbeda, Lara Contreras, Enrique Gavilán, Jacobo Bugarín and Fany Bello

The Devil on the beach S22May, 8.30pm Cidade da Cultura. CINC. Conventions Room At the end of the theatrical performance, presentation of the book