Sharing at a time of distancing is as necessary as the art of exhibition itself. More than ever, spaces acquire importance as places of transit and of repose.

The companies and artists invited to Scenes of Change 2021 have imbued their works with the symbolic emotion of living in a place of transit: the streets, City of Culture, the theatre… and thus to keep the scenic arts alive.

The most important guiding thread of these Scenes is the space: a changing space for encounters mediated by the pandemic.

Bursting with multiple genres, ambiguity and contemporaneity, this edition opens its doors to very different creations in which everyone speaks from a position of freedom to act before the public.

Projects not yet been performed, with delayed premieres, or created as site-specific performances, will provide continuity for the artists themselves and for the festival as a link with all of them.

Scenes of Change 2021 includes:

  • Multidisciplinary proposals: Memory as a thematic, ephemeral and complex focal point. Writing poems in matches so that poetry continues with Robert Walser through Santiago de Compostela, allowing the writer’s creative freedom to burst into the city.

Remembering in suicide notes of those who left us by their own free will or how we make progress in reviewing our past in Antes. Recalling in depth the classics in a new contemporary vision with Romeo and Juliet based on Prokofiev

And with the French Toujours après Minuit, evoking their first work at the end of the 20th century; past and present are linked more than ever by words and gestures.

  • The inherent innovation of the companies: Matarile continues to examine herself , modifying an obsolete theatre of clichéd forms and giving rise to their way of displaying new formats.

The Sleepwalk Collective also continues along this line of innovation, recreating a subversive space and a discourse from the origin of our childhood thoughts traced by the pencil of Walt Disney.

From Japan, the video-event of Hiroaki Umeda will allow us to experience his dance in real time, at a distance of thousands of kilometres.

  • Site specific: By using spaces and exploring them, Ana Matey,

Nuria Sotelo, María Roja, Kirenia Martínez, Paula Quintas, Begoña Cuquejo and Clara Ferrao will all fuse their bodies with the City of Culture and vice versa, through a single and unrepeatable journey

All of them will have at the centre both the virtual and physical spaces to combat distances and maintain proximity.

Lola Correa Artistic Director of the Scenes of Change 2021 Festival