Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura
Escenas do cambio 2022

Festival de teatro,
danza e arte en acción

Escenas (Con)Textualizadas

Helen Bertels, Gena Baamonde, Helena Varela, Ana Abad de Larriva, Ana Vallés

Saturday 7th May 7pm
City of Culture, Travelling through the Gaiás Centre Museum | Meeting point at the museum entrance

Escenas (Con)Textualizadas continues the project initiated with Escenas en danza, in the previous edition of the festival, with the idea of bringing together different Galician artists who, individually, but with the idea of a collective, work on the creation of a piece that seeks to go through the bowels of the Gaiás Centre Museum with a singular route, to express the art of text through a tour. Once again, on this occasion, voice will be the vehicle and focus of an exceptional space that will discover a new scene in new spaces through this journey.

Five Galician creators give their voice to the silent and magical echo of the corner they have chosen as the resonator for their artistic offering.

Murmurios cuánticos (Quantum Murmurs). Helena Varela

Use the body to change the voice, to change the skin. Break the word. Mmmmmm sound. Enjoyment. The microscopy of the word as a means of constructing the true. The first murmur.

Murmurios Cuánticos (Quantum Murmurs) is a work in progress that uses the microscopic of the skin to construct a language of my own feminine universe.

Helena Varela.- Graduate in Dramatic Art from the ESAD of Galicia and holder of a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts from the University of Vigo. Performer, actress, producer and distributor of the Cinema Sticado collective, a collective formed together with Xosel Díez, with a long tour of national and international festivals, including in Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Portugal, to name but a few. Recognised at the AnimArt Festival in Łódź (Poland) in 2017 — Award for the Most Innovative Approach to the Art of Puppet Theatre — and at the XXVI International Puppet Theatre Festival in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) in 2021 — Award for Technological Innovation in the Development of a New Stage Language. She has also participated in audiovisual productions such as 9 Fugas and A Esmorga, and is part of the Estroar collective, made up of artists like Rosa Neutro and EstudioIA, based on the Morrazo peninsula.

SEX. Helen Bertels

Showing the pain of the opening
When you get there
Total absence of tension
Looking up to the sky
Nothing is closed, neither the eyes, nor the mouth
Then laughter, which gives way to a deep cry
Despair, as my hand touches me, to know if I’m still here

I want to be weak
I want to be vulnerable.
I want surrender.

SEX is born out of a reflection on loneliness and perhaps madness, on openness, the search for connection and the encounter with emptiness.

Helen Bertels.- German actress, author and artist based in Santiago de Compostela. She trained and worked at the Teatro Galán, in En Pé de Pedra and with the company Matarile Teatro for almost 10 years. After her training at the CECC (Centro d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya), she began to explore other forms of expression and started her professional work as a writer (latest publication Diario de Nimiedades), visual artist (Visual Poems – series of mixed media collages), as an actress in her own creations (Wir Frauen, Amor, Nimiedades) and in film and TV (Migas de pan, Vergüenza, Cuéntame cómo pasó, Luarada).

A los claros del bosque no se va a preguntar. Ana Vallés

“Some figure in the distance is about to show itself. Figures that vision craves in its blindness, never overcome by any brightness. Some animal without a tale watches from this distance. Some shred of unseen whiteness, something, something that is not a sign. And the light does not reflect or bend or spread out.” María Zambrano, Claros del bosque.

Ana Vallés.- Author, director and actress. Regular director of the company Matarile Teatro since its foundation in 1986, together with Baltasar Patiño, she frequently collaborates with other companies and institutions. From Matarile, she has managed spaces for creation and dissemination, such as the Teatro Galán and the Festival Internacional de Danza En Pé de Pedra. Her latest creation, INLOCA, has just been debuted in a co-production with the Centro Dramático Nacional. Preceded by El diablo en la playa (The Devil on the Beach), INLOCA is included in the Trilogía de la Fragilidad (Fragility Trilogy), the third part of which will take place in 2023.

Ser tomada por granito (con Ursula K. Lee Guin). Gena Baamonde

This piece is located in spaces of vulnerability and questions what is understood as strength. It explores those spatio-temporal coordinates where the world seems to be a suspended lapse of time and bodies end up becoming an impassable stone wall for emotions.

Gena Baamonde.- Creator, director, researcher and performer with a long career on the contemporary stage. Interested in disciplinary bastardies and the sex-gender-sexualities triad. With a PhD in Fine Arts and a degree in Stage Direction, she is a member of the collective VACAburra together with Andrea Quintana, with whom she has debuted the pieces O Raro é que bailar sexa raroMetodoloxías carroñeras para corpos invertidos, Festina Lente and Extravíos. Among her latest works is the direction of Trilogía de Naxos for Brigitte Vasallo and Comando Comadres for Matrioshka Teatro, and she also participates in the playwriting for the dance company Elahood in their new show .

Sobre o baleiro. (About emptiness). Ana Abad de Larriva

“Sometimes I wonder about all that is left when there is nothing left. I want to empty myself and I spit noise. Blah, blah, blah. I want to fill myself with something and it overflows, because I am full of shit, of voices, of offers, of fears, of urgencies. I want to listen to myself and I hear the intermittent sound of the phone, of the engines, of the alerts. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Where is the tap for the drain to fill me with emptiness?

SOBRE O BALEIRO is a piece that delves into the overstimulation of the current era; into the (false) need to be permanently connected, seeking continuous experiences and opportunities. It’s a piece about emptying oneself of the noise that numbs us.

Ana Abad de Larriva.- Actress, performer and stage creator, with a degree in Dramatic Art specialising in Gestural Performance from the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Galicia and a PhD in Communication from the University of Vigo. As a playwright, in 2019, she won the Roberto Vidal Bolaño Prize for playwriting with A sombra das árbores and, in 2021, the Microteatro de la Memoria Prize for Un biolo na noite. Her latest pieces that have been premiered or published include Na memoria da augaLamaNa sombra, unha árboreEn caixas and Romper o xeo, bailar a nada. Her creations, of a performative nature, are inspired by the arts of movement, music, nature and the feminine universe, with a critical and committed vision that is, at the same time, poetic and inspiring.

Data sheet

A Collective piece created specifically for 'Escenas do cambio 2022' by Helena Varela, Helen Bertels, Gena Baamonde, Ana Vallés and Ana Abad de Larriva.
Price: 9 €


Creation and performance: Helen Bertels
Photography: Miguel Vidal
Acknowledgements: A.P., technical team at the City of Culture complex.

Created by Ana Vallés in collaboration with Nuria Sotelo based on texts by María Zambrano.

Playwriting and direction: Gena Baamonde
Performers: Gena Baamonde and Andrea Quintana/ VACAburra

SOBRE O BALEIRO (About emptiness)
Creation and performance: Ana Abad de Larriva
Technical collaboration and photography: David Rhodes


World premiere
Escenas (Con)Textualizadas Saturday 7th May , 7pm City of Culture Travelling through the Gaiás Centre Museum | Meeting point at the museum entrance