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Escenas do cambio 2022

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Societat Doctor Alonso

Saturday 7th May 9.30pm
City of Culture, Gaiás Centre Museum. Room 1

Hammamturgia generates and captures the flow of bodies and things in space, a sequence that does not explain anything, but proposes and activates transformations, a choreographic work, in short, that works with space and time. We understand hammamturgia as the expression of ‘other’ in playwriting. Playwriting is therefore the action of creating, composing and performing a play. Hammamturgia, on the other hand, refers to a relationship with the atmospheric conditions that produce the transformation of the form/work, the step to take is to get inside, to go through, to be what moves us and what we don’t see.

The space itself is being constructed and transformed during the action, in full view of the spectators. This space is nothing more than a shared environment. An environment where you can’t tell you’re on the outside from the inside. It is just a membrane, in which we breathe (and live, at least for this time) together.

The form that this fact takes in Hammamturgia is to make the environment, with the environment. In a way, we make the house from the inside, transforming little by little, gently, the place we arrived at — and which we call theatre — into another place.

We transform it and make this transformation visible. It is not about making an environment from start to finish, but about making something out of the conditions that constitute it.

Societat Doctor Alonso

The Societat Doctor Alonso, created in 2001 and directed by Tomàs Aragay (theatre director and playwright) and Sofía Asencio (dancer and choreographer) has constructed a language that finds one of its fundamental focuses in the concept of displacement. To situate something outside its proper place, environment or space, to investigate how this displacement modifies language both in its constitutive grammar and in the reading that an observer can make: to move in order to reveal something. This manoeuvre of displacement has proved to be an effective tool for generating spaces of poetic discourse that challenge the status quo of our understanding of reality.

Data sheet

Cataluña-Valencia | 55 min | 9 €

Hammamturgia: Tomàs Aragay and Sofia Asencio
Stage direction: Tomàs Aragay
Creation and performance: Sofía Asencio, Beatriz Lobo, Ana Cortés, Kidows Kim
Scenic space consultancy: and Serrucho
Lighting and stage space:
Sound space: Maties Palau
Wardrobe: Jorge Dutor
Communication and distribution: Sara Serrano
Production: Imma Bobé
Show co-produced by: Le Grütli, Centre de production et de diffusion des Arts Vivants, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Azkuna Zentroa, Auditorio de Tenerife, La Mutant, espai d'Arts Vives.
With the collaboration of: ICEC, Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, INAEM, Institut Nacional de les Arts Escéniques i de la Música, Institut Ramon Llull.


In Galicia

*At 12 noon, there will be a free technical performance for students of the Escola Superior de Arte Dramática de Galicia.
Hammamturgia Saturday 7th May, 9.30pm City of Culture Gaiás Centre Museum. Room 1