Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura
Escenas do cambio 2022

Festival de teatro,
danza e arte en acción

Hoax Hamlet


Thursday 5th May 8pm
City of Culture, Gaiás Centre Museum. Room 1

HH is a fable.

HH is a monster who likes to look out of the window when the sun is about to disappear. A monster who likes gardens because gardens are things that grow when they are cared for and worked.

HH is a love story.

HH is the son who can hardly wait to get out the door and who does not intend to return until all his dreams are fulfilled.

HH is our son. And children need to know when to be shown where the door is so that they can leave.

HH is theatre.

But it is also something else.


An irreverent gaze and careful staging characterise Voadora’s work. Under the direction of Marta Pazos, the Galician company is committed to research in contemporary creation with a team made up of complementary artists from different disciplines whose hybridisation is resolved, in each piece, in the act of deep and sincere love for art. The ethical vision of theatrical work, the exquisite care for each element, and a deep reflection on reality from the peripheries characterise Voadora. As a result, the company can transform public space to present unique productions in which the company is a powerful machine for generating experiences and unanswered questions, always leaving its mark.

Data sheet

Galicia | 90-105 min | 9€

Directed by: Hugo Torres
Play written by: Fernando Epelde, Hugo Torres, Diego Anido
Text: Fernando Epelde
Set design: Marta Pazos
Wardrobe design: Montse Triola
Original score: Hugo Torres, Mariña Paz Otero, Tom Archi
Live score: Hugo Torres, Jose Díaz
Lighting: Ivan Casal
Production: Jose Díaz
Production Assistant: Vicente Conde
Assistant Director: Diego Anido
Set Design Assistant: Pablo Chaves Maza


World premiere
Hoax Hamlet Thursday 5th May , 8pm City of Culture Gaiás Centre Museum. Room 1