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Escenas do cambio 2022

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MU-Danza. Unha muller que camiña

Mercé de Rande

Friday 6th May 7.30pm
City of Culture | Gaiás Centre Museum, Space REGA 3

Based on a reflection on the very act of walking, the processes of artistic creation and the representation of paths and walkers from anthropology to art, Vigo-born Mercé de Rande combines movement and video in a piece specifically constructed for an exhibition space in the Gaiás Centre Museum.

In the title, Mercé de Rande refers to one of A. Giacometti’s most famous sculptures, “L’Homme qui marche” (The man who walks), to elaborate on her own story about the experience of walking and how it connects us with memory and time, with space and also with nature.

Mercé de Rande

She is an interdisciplinary artist, and her work falls between the performing arts and the visual arts, where performance occupies a privileged place in her poetic discourse and artistic development. She has worked as an actress, dancer, and choreographer for the French platform, a pioneer in researching and applying new technologies on stage. She has carried out numerous collaborations, performances and exhibitions (individual and collective) in Europe. She trained in contemporary dance, performing arts and movement research in Portugal, France, Switzerland and New York. In 2008, she founded Á Mercé das CirKunsTanzias, a platform for research and multidisciplinary creation, with which she directed two productions in Galicia. In 2014, she was the official choreographer of the year in residence at the Tanzhaus Zurich, where she premiered her first international production, LP4am Sculpture DeVice and began the process of her latest creation, Lost & Dead in Thunderland.

Data sheet

Galicia | 45 min

Concept, direction and performance: Mercé de Rande
Graphic work relating to specific places (photos, videos and drawings): Mercé de Rande
Video creation: Jesús Andrés Tejada
Co-creation of video and sound space: Chucho González
Playwriting assistance: Afonso Becerra
Fine Arts Consultancy: Silvia González
Assistance in the initial development of the concept: Rafa Xaneiro
‘Facendo novos camiños' residency. Gaiás Artist-in-Residence Programme 2022

Free of charge after collecting an invitation


World premiere
MU-Danza. Unha muller que camiña Friday 6th May, 7.30pm City of Culture | Gaiás Centre Museum Space REGA 3