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Escenas do cambio 2022

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Sara Molina

Sunday 8th May 8.30pm
City of Culture, CINC Building | Conference Hall

OUTsideINsideOUTside is a piece created specifically for the space in the City of Culture complex that works with traditional elements but used in a non-traditional way: text, quotes and fragments, acts, dance, the dramatic experience, the relationship with the spectators and improvisation, and referential authors, such as Samuel Beckett and Berthold Brecht. The piece places us in the intersection between reality and fiction, and takes the place itself and the spectators as part of this.

A journey that, in the manner of a Moebius strip, goes inside and goes outside to bring us back inside. Inside what? ¿Outside what? From where?

Successive encounters, poetic, discursive and visual sequences and mini-sequences pass through texts by various authors, almost always from their unfinished pieces, constructing ideas and concepts that are sometimes abstract, through universal speech, with silences and reflections, thoughts aloud. We reflect on contemporary life. The life of thought.

OUTsideINsideOUTside is, despite all its stimuli, a story. It tells a short story about how we manifest ourselves and become something we don’t want, how we are made of resignation, and thus find ourselves again in the dialogue between the real and the true.

Sara Molina

Renowned actress and playwright, pioneer of the Spanish theatrical avant-garde. Originally trained with Albert Boadella (Els Joglars) and Zubics-Panadeiro (actors and dancers from Llanta Bausch’s company), the work of Sara Molina (Jaén, 1958) has always been marked by new languages and the performative, but without renouncing the traces of excellence. As a stage director, she has directed more than forty productions, and her plays as an author include  Imperfecta armonía (Imperfect Harmony), Made in China and Mónadas (Monads), to name but a few. She has participated in various national and international theatre festivals, such as the Avignon Festival, the FIT in Cádiz and the Muestra de Teatro Español de Autores Contemporáneos in Alicante. She has also worked as a theatre teacher at the Universities of Granada, Malaga, Cuenca and Barcelona, as well as at municipal workshops, performing arts schools and public schools.

Data sheet

Andalusia | 60-75 min | 9 €
Theatre-dance | Site-specific

Lorena Ayala - flamenco dancer and performer
Mónica Francés - actress, performer and poet
Andrés Montero and Borja López - actors
Sara Molina - director of the play also present on stage
Joaquín Cutillas - lighting


World premiere
OUTsideINsideOUTside Sunday 8th May , 8.30pm City of Culture CINC Building | Conference Hall