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Escenas do cambio 2022

Festival de teatro,
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Moi, Antonio M. / Que du bonheur (?)

Compagnie Man Drake / Tomeo Vergés

Sunday 8th May 5pm
City of Culture, Gaiás Centre Museum. Room 1

The company founded by Tomeo Vergés presents two shows that function as a diptych, which are both an expression and a reconsideration of the masculine and feminine environments.

Moi, Antonio M. 

Moi, Antonio M. is a kind of self-portrait born from Alvaro Morell’s desire to explore the gap between what we present of ourselves and what we hide behind social and cultural masks. Using elements and materials that are very dear to him and inspired by the burlesque genre and the clown figure, he stages the multiplicity of “selves” that, like all of us, constitute him—a poetic and vital journey, absurd, disturbing and funny.

Que du bonheur (?)

Que du bonheur (?) — which could translate as «Only joy (?)» —  deconstructs and decomposes body movement studies. What does it mean to be a woman? To what codes, to what social pressure must women submit? «Tomeo Vergés has found a beautiful stage metaphor to dig into the question and question the expected or required images that keep women on a set path.» And on a path is where the performer Sandrine Maisonneuve finds herself: to the rhythm of a hypnotic metronome whose cadence she forces herself to follow, she repeats and transforms a set of daily movements. A prisoner despite herself, she engages in a back-and-forth battle, plays with clichés and body language ranging from the composition of the image of a perfect woman to her transformation into an ancestral warrior. Comical, bitting, and liberating!

Compagnie Man Drake / Tomeo Vergés 

Since its creation in 1992, the Man Drake company has been working on the border between theatre and dance, with each discipline influencing the other in a state of continuous friction. Tomeo Vergés develops this work through the company’s various pieces which, although usually theatrical in nature, focus on the body. Their performances give a new twist to everyday situations — revealing a man confronted with the absurdity of his world — and bring to light a disturbing strangeness. Its tone could be described as surreal or absurd, or, in any case, off-key. In parallel, Man Drake develops “off-stage” choreographic formats that compare bodies with different kinds of spaces to feed the imagination and create new poetics of the body.

This work is also expressed through the company’s educational programmes and awareness-raising events. These, in the same way as the company’s stage works, are often based on more than one artistic discipline at a time (such as visual arts or film), and go beyond the idea of a simple workshop or class, taking various forms (performances, film screenings and lectures, for example).

Data sheet

France | 60 min. (30 for each piece) | 9 €

Conception: Alvaro Morell, Tomeo Vergés, Véronique Petit
Performance: Alvaro Morell
Production: Compagnie Man Drake
Co-production: Théâtre Le Colombier (Bagnolet)
Residencies: Théâtre Le Colombier (Bagnolet), Espace Lino Ventura (Garges-Lès-Gonesse), l'Usine, Centre national des arts de la rue et de l'espace public (Tournefeuille/Toulouse Métropole)
With the support of the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d'Île-de-France - Ministère de la Culture and the Conseil Départemental de la Seine-Saint-Denis.

Art direction: Tomeo Vergés
Performance: Sandrine Maisonneuve


In Galicia
Moi, Antonio M. / Que du bonheur (?) Sunday 8th May , 5pm City of Culture Gaiás Centre Museum. Room 1