Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura
Escenas do cambio 2022

Festival de teatro,
danza e arte en acción

(Raíz de dos)

Nieves Correa & Abel Loureda

Friday 6th May 6pm
City of Culture, Outside

A performance specifically designed for the City of Culture complex. It is a contribution in which the place, the audience, and the artists’ presence become an indivisible whole. (Raíz de dos) starts from an empty, formless space in which the audience is dispersed, without any reference point or ambiguous information about how the performance will develop. From that moment on, different elements progressively appear as the fundamental axis around which the work revolves, which has a circular configuration. The action takes place both in this focal point and on the peripheries of the space and the audience, reflecting on the technical aspects of the performative device itself.

Nieves Correa and Abel Loureda

After long-separate careers that began in the early nineties, both in the creation and organisation of events, in 2012, they started a new phase of working and living together. Since then, they have also worked in other collective research processes around performance, such as NeoNeoDADA (Germany and Switzerland), VaconVino (Segovia) and Redoble (Bajo Aragón). The creative process of Nieves Correa and Abel Loureda is related to their lives and their hopes as an unconscious reflection of their process of shared knowledge and, therefore, understanding of the world. As so often is the case in our lives, chance is a determining factor that resolves many of their works. In their performances, they always work with a fixed “score” to control TIME, SPACE and their PRESENCES. What happens in the intricacies of this “score” is always a surprise for both the performers and the audience. They have participated in numerous festivals and projects, including Escenas do cambio (Santiago de Compostela); La Acción. Una historia provisional de los 90–MACBA (Barcelona); La Acción contra la Poesía y viceversa-Fundación Joan Brosa (Barcelona); NIPAF (Japan); Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo EACC (Castellón); Bone Festival (Switzerland), Centro de Arte la Regenta (Gran Canaria) and Sophiensalle (Germany). Kiasma Museum (Finland). FAAC (Ecuador), Catalystic Art (Northern Ireland), Museo Vostell (Malpartida de Cáceres). In 2019, they received the Castile and León Foundation grant for the province of Segovia for the project (12) Actos de Memoria (Acts of Memory).

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Castile and León | 45 min
Performance | Site-specific

Free of charge after collecting your invitation


World premiere
(Raíz de dos) Friday 6th May , 6pm City of Culture Outside