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La Usina Theatre

Sunday 8th May 7pm
City of Culture, Galería de servicios del Gaiás

Close to the water, open, close, let out, open water, stagnant water, it is no longer something other, it is something of one’s own, internal, open, let out, be…

A woman locked in a toilet, climbing on a toilet, freeing herself from the things that oppress her, wallowing in her own shit, wallowing… she plunges into an inner journey, aimlessly…

Open water, outside there is a big party… something is finishing… something is ending…

Desperation, fears, madness and tenderness accompany her until the end… Lost in the immensity of an uncertain space of water, emotions and toilets…

I could have sworn I saw you, I could have sworn you were there….

Waterclose is set in the realm of the theatre of cruelty, where actions, text and emotions alike narrate the soul of a woman in crisis, in a vertiginous rhythm of images, with a raw and sensitive aesthetic. Waterclose speaks of change, of letting go, of opening up and letting it flow, of new, clean, fresh water…

In 2002, the Mexican playwright and actress Angélica Briseño and the Argentinian director Gabriel Molina met in Madrid to create their first joint project: Woman Closed, a show that debuted at the Alt Vigo Galicia Festival in September 2002. Waterclose dialogues with that first production, confronts it, challenges it and transcends it in a new creation, revised, recreated in a 2.0 of that birth, in a risky proposal, where the Mexican playwright explores her relationship with water, in her universe as a woman, 20 years, two children and a theatre later… Knowing how to swim in open water…

La Usina Theatre

Its Artistic Directors, Angélica Briseño and Gabriel Molina, founded the venue in 2006 in Madrid. La Usina is made up of a group of theatre professionals, actors, directors and playwrights, dedicated to creating, producing and developing theatrical projects, to research in the field of theatrical technique and aesthetics, and to forming groups that generate theatrical events. A space for creation, with a permanent programme that is constantly renewed, based on a careful selection of innovative and high-quality theatrical projects.

A theatre that combines its own productions with shows by emerging and consolidated companies, seeking to offer the best theatre.

A member of the Red Nacional de Salas Alternativas (National Network of Alternative Theatres) and a benchmark in Madrid’s theatre programme, it hosts various performing arts festivals and is growing in terms of audiences, presenting the most innovative offerings on the theatre scene with warmth and care.

Data sheet

Madrid | 45 min | 5 €
Experimental theatre

Directed by: Gabriel Molina González
Performer: Angélica Briseño Ortega
Texts: Angélica Briseño Ortega
Scenic space: Gabriel Molina González
Sound design: Gabriel Molina González
Wardrobe and photography: María Patricia Soroa
Technical support and logistics: La Usina Theatre
Technical assistance on tour: Mara Roa
Promotion and media outreach: La Usina Theatre
Graphic design: Pedro Carchenilla
General production: La Usina Theatre


In Galicia

Review and update of the company's first show 'Women Closed', on the 20th anniversary of its debut.
Waterclose Sunday 8th May , 7pm City of Culture Galería de servicios del Gaiás