Living is like walking through a museum: it is only afterwards that you begin to understand what you have seen.

Audrey Hepburn

Escenas do cambio (Scenes of Change) is a festival for encounters and immediacy which seeks in each new edition to bring the arts together in new spaces, elevating the notion of change and exchange.

The encounter between artists and audience is the materialisation of art. If these circumstances are not present, art has no meaning; only if we can show it and relate it to others will it have a purpose as such.

Escenas do cambio 2022 will again explore where stage experiences can always go a little further. Drawing a transversal line across the space and continually delving into the domain determines the form and format of the offerings from the participating companies.

Within this transversality, we can consider bodies and words as engines for communication and new languages.

This edition will put the spotlight on the art of playwriting, that which gives voice and initial form to everything, that which kicks off the project, that which imagines what will happen next.

Continuing the special format of the previous edition: Escenas en danza, this year we have invited five Galician playwrights to take us on a journey through the inner world, to the place where ideas, and why not even dreams, are born.

In Escenas (Con)Textualizadas Helen Bertels, Helena Varela, Ana Abad, Ana Vallés and Gena Baamonde will take the lead in unravelling (perhaps) the least recognised concept of theatre: playwriting.

And the whole programme will take the lid off fantasy or delirium:

We will open with an exhibition about María Casares in her centenary, with a concert by Pedro Soler, and featuring Anne Plantagenet, author of the actress’s biography La única, as well as the director Lluís Pascual.

Mateo Feijóo will introduce us to the engineering of sound and Voadora to that of a derisive Hamlet.

Mercé de Rande, Nieves Correa and Tânia Carvalho will delve into the voices of dance and performance.

Miguel Ponce de León, a new artist from Galicia, will show magic and applied aesthetics, and the company Societat Doctor Alonso will introduce us to Hammamturgy.

Ramón Souto will recreate a concert at dawn and Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune De Colombi will take us on a trip to Finisterre… on a very special journey.

Tomeo Vergés‘ company will present two striking dance solos that enter into personal dialogue with the space.

But can time change the performing arts? As always, the festival wants to look back and invites a company to recreate an earlier work. This year it will be Angélica Briseño and Gabriel Molina of La Usina who, twenty years later, will remake a piece for Escenas do cambio.

And Sara Molina will close this edition with a site-specific offering that will play with the environment, opening up the external to the internal.

Lola Correa. Artistic Director for the Escenas do cambio 2022 festival