Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura
Escenas do cambio 2022

3—5 May 2024
Festival of theatre, dance and art in action
Gaiás, City of Culture

Xunta de Galicia

3—5 Maio 2024

Festival de teatro,
danza e arte
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Xunta de Galicia

Millo vello

Ay, Cariño!

Friday 3 May 7.45 p.m.
City of Culture | CINC Building, Conference Hall

Millo Vello is a performative piece where bodies and objects dialogue with live music.

It is an exercise in a continuous attempt to return to ancestral, primitive wisdom, while embracing what is part of our current reality and context.

Accept and build with what we have within our reach, without losing sight of what roots and sustains us. Paying homage to time and to the past, whilst embracing the speed of today. Welcoming the present in this coexistence that may appear antagonistic but is ultimately not. Being able to weave with care to build our safe place.

In reality, this piece is a love letter to ourselves and to all those people who may feel appealed to in the search for that peaceful place to dwell.

We make use of the search from the subconscious and dreams, creating visual landscapes that invite quiet observation, to enter into the time of the tree. In this way, the delight of witnessing something that, like nature, is gradually taking shape.

Ay, Cariño!

Ay, Cariño! is a newly created company of Galician origin that since 2023 has been the home of the joint creative work of Cris Vilariño and Diego M. Buceta after an extensive individual career.

Cris Vilariño carries out numerous projects as a creator and performer(Cyan, MUUM, Liminal, Haiku, Todas as cartas de amor son ridículas, PINDO) and since 2017 she has been collaborating with the company Licenciada Sotelo. She combines her artistic work with her teaching career, giving intensive body weather trainings and laboratories of movement, improvisation and body awareness.

Diego M. Buceta works as a performer for companies and creators such as Lucía Marote, Aitana Cordero, Voadora, La Coja Dansa, Equilibrio Dinámico or A Friend in the Orchid Room, and has signed solo works (As vacacións máis longas) as well as with the company Pálido Domingo (Non hai que ser unha casa para ter pantasmas, Pentecostés and Serva me servabo te).

Rafa Mallo is a drummer with more than 15 years’ experience. He has participated in different projects, has recorded several albums, as well as collaborations with various artists and has performed more than 500 concerts. One of his main projects is as a drummer for the band Triángulo de Amor Bizarro.

Data sheet

Galicia | 70 min | 9 €

Direction: Ay, Cariño!
Performers: Cris Vilariño, Diego M. Buceta, Rafa Mallo
Live music and sound space: Rafa Mallo
Lighting: Laura Iturralde

Language: Galician

Co-production: Xunta de Galicia | Agadic