This piece is the result of a four-day micro-residence at the City of Culture by Diego Anido and his directing, production and movement team. During this stay, the aim is to develop a process of choreographic research, so that what is shown in Escenas do Cambio is a result in a very advanced state regarding the textual and visual dramaturgy.

On this occasion, Diego Anido gets carried away by the evolution that his work had taken in his previous shows and surrenders to the demands of this autobiographical tale of a fantastic nature, adding parts of other people’s lives to his own, as if they were prostheses to re-edit his figure on Earth. In his work, he usually stakes a claim for the role of the performer in the American format of the word: an actor who knows how to speak, sing, dance and be quiet. That’s why, in this show, Diego Anido also speaks, sings, dances and keeps quiet.



Data sheet

Duration: 45’
Theatre contemporany
Work in progress created in residence at the Festival Escenas do Cambio 2021
Meeting with the artist at the end

Galicia | Duration 40 minutes
Thursday, May 20, at 20:30h | Museo Centro Gaiás. Sala 1
Created in residence at the Festival Escenas do Cambio 2021.

Cast & crew:
Direction, dramaturgy, script and performance: Diego Anido
Wardrobe: Uxía P. Vaelloo
Lighting: Raquel Hernández and Pedro Fresneda
Music: José Díaz and Diego Anido

The god of pop T20May, 8.30pm Cidade da Cultura. Museo Centrum Gaiás Room 1